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760 Turbo


Revamping his 240 Wagon series after providing the stylish and sturdy style for 20 years, John decided an upgrade was necessary and he set his mind to transform an already time proven family into the new 760 Turbos. Using brown suedes & Atlas leathers, contrasting aniline piping, a square toed last for a wider foot, and 100% vulcanized rubber soles, The Diesel is an all-purpose shoe that's excellent on ice, snow, and slush (and dry ground of course). The 760 Turbo F-Sole even retains heat - if left in a warm dry area overnight will it give you hours of toasty toes in the winter, but don't get us wrong, they're wonderful in milder climates as well. Mark our words, these re-soleable, tough shoes will cover many miles for many years to come.

Rudolf Diesel, a Bavarian Engineer and inventor of the Diesel engine, is the patron saint of all truck drivers across the world. As a young student, Diesel assisted his former Munich professor Carl von Linde with the design and construction of a modern refrigeration and ice plant, becoming the director of the plant a year later. Later in life, Diesel sought out to build a more efficient engine using his knowledge of thermal efficiency. While experimenting with an ammonia steam engine, his test engine exploded, nearly killing him. Diesel's work in engine design was driven by the goal of much higher efficiency ratios, and eventually designed the first diesel engine with fuel injection, still in high use today. With flashing neon "Diesel" signs across lonely highways, the tired driver can be assured Rudolf is looking out for them with a microwaved hot dog, big gulp soda, and fresh "no doze" at the next truck stop. Ride on!

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