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Future Angels


Men's (US)
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With its contrast stitching and fun colours made with scratched leathers, the Will gibson shoe is a perfect addition to your casual Friday wardrobe which goes well with chinos or jeans. Its full leather lining and unique substantial sole will surely protects you from the elements and Satan. "Your sole will direct your Future". Not resolable.

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Vog Hater - Massachusetts
I wouldn't pay $3.25 for these shoes.
They last maybe one month.
John Fluevog shoes are, basically, garbage.
John Fluevog Shoes
Hi there! We’re sorry to read your review. If you’re experiencing any issues with your shoes, please send us an email at We would love to help!

Vog Lover

Dave Mathieson
I love these shoes but the quality is very poor. I've owned three pairs and none have lasted for more than one year. I'm wearing a pair today and both soles have a hole in them.
It seems John Fluevog has no use for quality control whatsoever.
He couldn't car less if you're shoes don't last.
Very sad.
With that said, I will buy another pair but am very ambivalent about it.

Been on my feet for 4 years

Corey Redvers - Vancouver BC
Maybe I got lucky, but I've been wearing these shoes a lot over the past 4 years as an 'everyday' type shoe and they've held up great. I'll be getting a new pair soon, so comfy for a nice looking everyday shoe.
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