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Future Angels


Men's (US)
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With its contrast stitching and fun colours made with scratched leathers, the Will gibson shoe is a perfect addition to your casual Friday wardrobe which goes well with chinos or jeans. Its full leather lining and unique substantial sole will surely protects you from the elements and Satan. "Your sole will direct your Future". Not resolable.

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Been on my feet for 4 years

Corey Redvers - Vancouver BC
Maybe I got lucky, but I've been wearing these shoes a lot over the past 4 years as an 'everyday' type shoe and they've held up great. I'll be getting a new pair soon, so comfy for a nice looking everyday shoe.

I wish they lasted longer

Steve - Toronto
They're so good-looking and so comfortable, they're definitely my go-to shoes and I've owned four Future Angels pairs in three styles. But the reason I've had so many is that they simply don't last. I walk to work, and within a few months the soles - especially in the heel - are completely worn through, revealing the little "cells" in the rubber (that I guess make them so comfy!). On most of them the inner liner has torn through as well. The liners I've had replaced, the soles are impossible, requiring a new pair. It's an expensive hobby, buying these things, and I'm starting to think my current pair might be my last even though they're wonderful in every other way. If they lasted for 10 years I'd wear them 3,650 days in a row.

Comfortable, but not everyday shoes

Doug Broussard - San Francisco
I've really enjoyed these shoes, but they're pretty fragile. I don't wear them every day, but they've still garnered lots of wear and torn-through linings in the time I've worn them - probably less than 90 days in total.

The laces wore out and became frayed pretty quickly. Again, in the 90-days-of-wearing threshold.

I've, ah, seen Sugars that are well-built beyond these shoes. My Professional Folios are also far more durable. What's up with these?

Still, they get me laid. So I can't complain. Too much. Is it too much to ask for durable laces, linings, and soles for such a premium brand?
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