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Already a Fluevog classic, this 2.5" heeled bootie with soft Baccarat Patent leathers, soft rubber soles, and a leather wrapped heel has won the hearts of millions of Fluevogers around the world. With a wide toe box, cute buttons, and a comfortable sole, this functional bootie promises to be the love of your life. Your Love Makes Me Sing.

Half sizes available.

Instagram @fluevog #vog_giulia

Check out #vog_giulia to see them in the wild!

Already a Fluevog classic, this 2.5" heeled bootie with soft Baccarat Patent leathers, soft rubber soles, and a leather wrapped heel has won the hearts of millions of Fluevogers around the world. With a wide toe box, cute buttons, and a comfortable sole, this functional bootie promises to be the love of your life. Your Love Makes Me Sing.

Half sizes available.

Instagram @fluevog #vog_giulia

Check out #vog_giulia to see them in the wild!

73 Reviews

  • Beautiful and So Comfy Cozy!

    I bought these in Black, & they are the most comfortable, unique stylish boots I own! Had been eyeing these for awhile. Finally bought them in a Size 6! I get lots of compliments on them! I love the rubber soles. They have great shock absorption. The leather is buttery soft and shiny! My fave pair of everyday boots! I love them so much, I want the red pair, too! :-) I'll be a Vog Girl forever!

    Joan (Winnipeg)

    July 29, 2016

  • Love, love, love

    I had wanted these for two years and finally splurged on them.

    I have now had them over a year and they do not get any less comfortable or adorable! Like most vogs, no break-in required; and as others have mentioned they go great with skirts or pants. Also the shade of red they are makes them very versatile. I like them to brighten up a neutral outfit or black and white.


    September 16, 2015

  • Comfortable and cute

    My husband bought me these for our anniversary. They are so beautiful and comfortable. I have worn them with dresses and pants and they look great either way. I normally wear 5.5 but bought a 5 and they fit great, no issues. They are my fourth pair of Fluevogs and I love them!

    Dyana Nunez (LA)

    March 28, 2015

  • Love! Love! Love! my Giulias! Every time I wear them I am accoladed by all. Such fun to strut in. For me they are TTS but I do wear a thick-ish wool sock with them. I wanted to wear them out in the winter so my size choice was purposeful. I usually wear 61/2 and purchased a 7.

    Amy E Bennett (United States)

    February 21, 2015

  • Dreaming in Fluevog!

    I splurged on my first pair of Fluevogs this spring. I was looking for a red shoe and once I tried on the Operetta Giulias, I couldn't take them off and just had to buy them. They look great with jeans or skirts, and I get so many compliments on my Giulias, it's almost embarrassing.

    I do find that some days they are comfortable, and other times I feel pressure on my instep. I usually wear them with a thin nylon sock since they are a little snug with regular socks. I should maybe have gone up a half size - I'm kind of an 8 3/4 in size.

    Angela Fehr (Canada)

    June 27, 2014

  • Adorable troopers!

    I have these lovelies in burgundy, size 9.5. I usually wear a 9-10 in regular shoes, so I find them fairly TTS. They were a bit tough to put on the first time, but there's a trick to getting them on. Once you figure it out, it's much easier. They are adorable and super comfortable. I can definitely wear them all day without trouble.

    Veronica (Tacoma, WA)

    January 20, 2014

  • My oldest Fluevogs

    I own a lot of pairs of Fluevogs, and these were my oldest, about four or five years old. They got a fair bit of wear, as they are very versatile and comfortable. I had to replace the heels twice, and now the elastic on top broke. I don't know how I will get that fixed. I own another pair in green but they have laces, very similar looking, and the laces broke. I wear my shoes a lot, but it seems that my foot puts pressure on the top part in this type of shoe, and that is where most of the wear happens. Otherwise the leather part looks amazing still, even after all these years.

    I am thinking to take them into the store for advice on replacing the elastic, as in the past the staff were very helpful about finding me new shoelaces for my other pair.

    Ioana (Vancouver)

    November 16, 2013

  • Compliments galore

    I love these shoes; I have had them several years now, and they look great with jeans (boot cut AND skinny), and also cute with leggings and a cute dress. They are surprisingly comfortable, and I can wear them for a good amount of walking. Two of the outer buttons did fall off, but were replaced by the kind folks at Fluevog Chicago, with a little bit of back-and-forth via email.

    I will say that I have to use a shoe horn to slip my foot in past the ankle shaft, but, once in, it makes your ankle look petite. Great shoe.

    Queenie (Philadelphia, United States)

    October 12, 2013

  • I can wear heels again

    These were my first pair of Fluevogs and I love them. The leather isn't the best quality, but they are so stylish. These shoes made me realise I could wear heels all day and still be comfortable. I got them in black and they work so well with skirts; and the 'dip' at the front means that feet don't look cut off; what i'm trying to say is they look flattering.

    Cynthia (Melbourne Australia)

    December 31, 2012

  • I felt like Cinderella's evil stepsister

    I have 5 pair of Fluevogs all of which fit beautifully and are extremely comfortable. I seem to always be a size 9 but with these I couldn't squeeze my foot in them for anything! I don't know if it was the elastic insert, my high insteps, or a perfect storm of all of the above, but I just could not get them on. They are so cute and, I imagine, extremely versatile, but sadly, I will be returning them. (:`(

    Audrey (Birmingham, AL)

    October 24, 2012

  • Love these shoes, but need a repair!

    I was oogling these in the stunning red color at a local shoe store for months and then one day they went on sale! Yay! I save these babies for important talks and nice dates and recently noticed that the heel seemed to becoming unglued :-(. So sad! And the shoe store they were purchased from has sadly gone out of business. I guess my purchases weren't enough to keep them going in this economy.

    Nevertheless, I went to my trusty local cobbler, and he had some sad news for me. It wasn't merely an unglued heel, the arch seems broken. Extra sad! Can anyone help me with this? I called the San Francisco store, but they couldn't help me since I purchased my shoes from a wholesaler, not to mention one who is no longer in business. I don't want to retire these shoes after only 8 or so wears and I want to be a Fluevoger for life! I have visions of my closet as an old woman filled with fluevogs for all occasions. L

    Jenny Lynn (McKinleyville, CA)

    April 5, 2012

  • Missing Button

    The first time I wore these boots I lost the button. I have tried to get a replacement by contacting the Seattle store by phone and email with no avail. After reading the other reviews I have decided to write a review. I love fluevogs and have five pairs and this boot is the only one I have had issues with. I am disappointed that it has been so hard to get the boot fixed. PLEASE HELP!!!! :-(

    shannan piccolo (Livingston, MT)

    February 16, 2012

  • How can you not go with black velvet?

    As someone who needs to wear all black often for performances, these incredibly lush and comfortable booties in black velvet was a gorgeous and mischievous way to stand out from the monotony and assert a bit of personality! Bonus: John's custom message on the heel is music themed. Another bonus: they fit my custom orthotics. I would recommend going half a size down if you're between sizes so your feet don't slip around.

    Brenda (Fredericton, NB)

    February 11, 2012

  • I arrived at friends' place by hiding behind the door: only part visible, my booted foot. Screams, jealous rages, 'can I have them when you die?' well, no dear friends, I'm getting buried in them. Thanks John, oh, thanks.

    Janet (janann52@yahoo.com.au)

    December 11, 2011

  • A Wish Came True

    Looking on the website, among all the other shoes I was dreaming of, these hit me and I wanted to like them so bad, but I was turned of by the quality not looking so good,(which shocked me for John Fluevog shoes). I said, "Humph. I *wish* the material quality was better. Otherwise these would be mine!". So, I went on and put several others on my mental list of my next Flogs.

    Well, I finally went to the store today to try the numerous other designs I had picked out, and...um...well....it was this pair that I ended up leaving with. Although the material is not the best for Fluevog, it is much better than the picture shows. I am so ecstatic about these shoes. Wearing them this evening the familiar happy buoyancy that comes with all my other Fluevogs was most definitely there, just in shiny deep red! So glad the actual shoe is better than the picture. Thanks as always John and the NY team!

    Marieka (New York)

    November 3, 2011

  • Most comfortable boots ever!!

    I love these boots!! I bought them in a 6.5 and I usually wear a 7 in boots. They are so comfortable. I'm waiting for fall to come so I can wear them. They are so cute and the heel love the height and how sturdy it is. I swear I'm only going to buy vogs from now on :-)

    Anna (Calgary, Alberta Canada)

    July 6, 2011

  • Hopelessly Devoted ...

    Just bought my first pair of vogs these are comfortable, funky and so very unique.

    I have only owned them for an hour and a half and they have already been complimented in the grocery store...I don't want to take them off, might wear them to bed tonight... ,-)

    Dayna (New Zealand (under downunder))

    June 24, 2011

  • epicness

    as a server hunting for fabulous black kicks that are comfy for work is a hard chase alas I found these and was given them as a gift and have since gone back and purchased (after saving $) other amazing vog boots so worth their while .. buzzing about in these waiting tables is a cake walk! not to mention all the complements received

    go john! Thanking you

    Natasha (Qualicum Beach, B.C)

    June 20, 2011

  • The Best Shoes. Period.

    This is my third pair of Guilias (black velvet) and my ninth (!) pair of Operettas. This from a person who never, ever wore heels because a) they hurt my feet and b) I always felt like I was going to topple over. Since Fluevogs came into my life thanks to my friend Deirdre, herself a serious Fluevog addict, I now wear heels all the time. One day my yellow Malibrans, the next my red Bartolis, the next my gray Guilias and on and on. I basically never wear anything else. People tell me all the time "cute shoes!" and I just smile and say thank you (and to myself thank you, John). I even had a woman follow me outside a building to ask me where I got my fabulous shoes. Every time I look at my feet I am so happy that these wonderful shoes exist and I am so blessed to own them. Simply the best footwear ever.

    Audrey-Jane (Connecticut)

    April 29, 2011

  • I purchased these shoes in the fall of 2010 for work. These are my first pair of Fluevogs, and I have not been disappointed. I have a very low tolerance for foot discomfort, and thus, am usually found in flats. I can happily say that although I think comparing them to bedroom slippers with heels is a bit of a stretch, they are remarkable comfy for a shoe with a heel. I can wear them all day long without an issue, and I've never had so many compliments on my footwear. Based on my experience with these lovely shoes, I don't expect this pair to be my last pair of Fluevogs


    April 15, 2011

  • Even better than they should be

    I bought the velvet ones, almost on a whim, when they went on sale. The very first time I wore them--to one of the biggest formal events in my community, where they went beautifully with my neo-Victorian brocade and velvet ensemble--I spent five hours straight on my feet, and then had to walk two miles on top of it. I won't claim my feet didn't hurt, but the wonder of it was that the boots kept me going even when they did, because they were so comfortable and good to my (slightly wide and usually cranky) feet. I really can't ask for anything more from a pair of shoes. And now I'm an Operetta convert, on top of all the other families I already love, so this will almost certainly not be my last pair in this line.

    Elisabeth (Seattle)

    April 10, 2011

  • Oh My Yes!

    I looked at these gorgeous little black velvet boots for quite a while - content to merely ogle as I had just bought the Inges (also lovely but a different chapter to write later). Then miracle of the winter the little darlings went on sale and I no longer had an excuse. Thanks to the Chicago store for getting them to me lickety-split. Comfy, eye-catching and way too much fun. Dress 'em down with jeans (or dress the jeans up?) or pair them with a party dress. Too cute. Second pair of Vogs - this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship... Mwha! @>-

    Lisarae (New Mexico)

    March 4, 2011

  • Amazing!!!

    After many adventures with the good people of Canada Post, I finaly received my red Giulias. I was so excited, I had a hard time unwrapping the box but finally, here they were in all of their magnificence, like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

    They are a perfect fit for my size 12 (and large) feet and the larger toebox makes them sooo comfortable!

    Also, big plus, I haven't worn them thirty minutes yet and already received a dozen compliments on them!

    Thank you, Fluevog, for making my feet happy!!!


    Emilie (Montreal)

    March 2, 2011

  • Fantastic!

    Like slippers with heels! I have these in velvet but I plan to get them in 1 or 2 other colors. These are my favorite, most comfortable of the several pair I own.

    Betty (US)

    February 25, 2011

  • Great but...

    These are my first fluevogs. I ordered the grey/tan. They fit wonderfully and the quality was what I was expecting. I am disappointed though, grey is not grey. The picture shows a nice light grey but my shoes are light beige. I emailed and was told that was the right color and I can return them if I want.

    So be aware, if you like grey these are not grey.

    Jackie (USA)

    February 24, 2011

  • OMG...these are so AWESOME!

    I have had the wine ones for about a month now and have not managed to wear them once without someone asking me where I got those awesome/cool/great boots. LOVE them! Comfy, striking, and original!

    Karen Roach (Ottawa, Canada)

    February 17, 2011

  • UPDATE to earlier post 'loved them, but

    i LOVE Fluevog even MORE now!-

    the Los Angeles store contacted me after my review and offered to send button to me or to have me stop by the store. i stopped by the store a few days later and they fixed/replaced the lost button cap FREE of charge. awesome standy-by your product!-- love you even more now. many thanks to Keith & on-site cobbler in the LA store.

    S (Los Angeles)

    February 8, 2011

  • Not a security risk - I hope!

    If you've read through the comments to this point, you know already that these booties have the power to stop cars in the street and provoke salesfolk to trail you through several sections of a store. My friends have begun to notice that "those days" require "these shoes". I would almost take this for granted, but for a few new Fluevog datapoints: (1) I wore these for four days of grueling touristing on foot throughout several cities in the Pacific NW. They stand up to the damp, to the concrete hills, to the fashion demands (leggings, tights, trousers - no problem). (2) People still stopped me to ask about my shoes. (This is probably less of an issue for those who sport the black versions - I'm rockin' the wine.) But never before has anyone hopped out of an airport security checkpoint, abandoning her line and luggage to ask about my Giulias. It's a little scary to see the TSA spring into action about a footwear-related emergency.

    My goodness, I love these shoes. The 10.5's fit my 10W feet beautifully. They go with everything I own, because they, like me, stand up to the wardrobe. They are engineered so the height of the heel is comfortable, and I can walk (or run) without fear of losing a heel or turning an ankle. I never thought shoes could, or should, fit so comfortably and well - my first pair of Fluevogs have convinced me that these things are possible.

    Elaine (US)

    February 4, 2011

  • loved them, but bummer on the quality

    my first Fluevogs. i absolutely LOVEd the giulia boots- they were so cute and go well with ANY outfit (long or short skirts & dresses, long pants, shorts);one of the most versatile pairs of footwear i have ever owned. they are also quite comfortable. i've been enjoying them for the short time i've had them. so i was devastated when i noticed a few days ago that one of the button caps had fallen off somewhere. with exposed metal and needle sticking out where the button cap used to be, the boots are very un-cute and un-wearable now. bummer on the button quality. : ( : (

    S (Los Angeles)

    February 4, 2011


    Sorry to hear that, the LA store has replacement buttons that are quick and easy to replace. Give them a shout and they can send them to you. :)

  • Beautiful, comfortable, AND sexy

    These were my first Fluevogs as well. I got them in the wine color and I get compliments on them every time I wear them. I have a thing for red shoes. ;-) The Operetta family must have been made just for my feet, and I'm so glad they're available in size 5 (I have short feet with wide toes, so the wider toe-box on the Operettas is perfect). I decided to go up half a size in these (5 1/2) so that I could wear them with sock tights. Amazing shoes!

    Gladys (southern California)

    January 26, 2011

  • LOVE 'em

    This is my first pair of Fluevogs and I love em. I have a really hard time finding wide enouigh shoes for my FAT feet. When I wore them for the first time I was truly HAPPY they DID NOT hurt my toes. Plan on buying more cause I don't mind paying for comfort and style on top of that. Just wish I could fit into the other styles also but oh well. THANK YOU!!!! ,-> ,->

    Joan (Indiana)

    January 1, 2011

  • help..one of my buttons fell off and I just want to weep--these are my favorite booties and I love them dearly..what to do... :-(

    theresa j macdonald (new glasgow, nova scotia)

    December 25, 2010

    team fluevog

    Montreal will send you a few buttons with a note on how to put them on. :)

  • my standbys

    these shoes are definitely my winter standby. They are my first pair of fluevogs and I've owned them for over five years. I wear them all around the city, they are super comfortable and very warm in the winter. Great with jeans and with dresses.

    I have worn them so much that I have had the heel covers replaced twice. The buttons did fall off, but not for 2 years. And, you can order replacement parts online. You can take them to any cobbler to fix them if you have the parts. ,-)

    Lena (Beijing)

    December 3, 2010

  • These were my first pair of Fluevogs and I loved them from the first time I tried them on last month. After wearing them just about 15 times, I was so disappointed when one of the button covers fell off yesterday. I was even more disappointed when I went to a Fluevog store and was told it would take 1 month to repair them! I wouldn't have thought that this quality shoe would have needed repair after just one month. Other than that, I love the boot.

    Sara (Seattle)

    November 30, 2010

  • Great boots; small problem

    These were my first and they are so incredible, and i love them. Did size up half a size. HOWEVER: a button fell off the SECOND time I wore them, and I was sitting in a conference all day so not doing anything strenuous. I have emailed John Fleuvog twice, with no response. I have taken them to two local cobblers around me, but they don't have a matching button and I don't want to ruin the look with a different button. So now they sit in my closet, having been worn twice.

    Cassandra (Toronto)

    November 18, 2010

  • Almost made for me!

    Earlier this year I needed shoes for a wedding I was bridesmaid-ing in, and I decided on the black leather Giulia. The style was well-suited to the theme of the wedding (as well as the rest of my everyday wardrobe), the heels were comfy enough to wear all day and well into the night, and they were almost guaranteed to be unique among the wedding party and guests. The only thing I would have changed about them was the color of the buttons (the wedding had a red and black color theme). The kind and ingenious Willy put forth the idea that I COULD actually have the black buttons changed out for red ones, which I immediately agreed to. I shrieked (quietly) like a little girl when I finally got to pick them up: they were absolutely perfect and just what I'd hoped for! They did, indeed, last all day and night, and my feet weren't too unhappy with me when I finally made it home. Thank you Willy (and John!) for giving me the perfect wedding boots!

    Feather (Seattle)

    November 5, 2010

  • I love my Operattas! Couldn't make up my mind on color - so bought 2 pairs - size 7.5 in wine and black. Bought last spring, this September when it cooled off - decided to wear the black pair - they are "just too big". On a positive note, I love my other Fluevogs, have several pairs - most recent - my CBC Radios in blue! Plan to also get the boot version, just have to decide on a color!! ?:-)

    Linnea (Saskatoon)

    November 3, 2010

  • I love Operettas, I have 3 pairs of Malibrans and just bought my first pair of Giulias. They fit my short (size 6) wide foot like a glove. No breaking in required. I have a bunion on one foot and the Operetta toe box is perfectly comfortable. The heels are so well shaped and the shoe so well balanced I feel as though I am wearing flats, they are so comfy. Every Fluevog salesperson I have dealt with has been very polite, knowledgeable and helpful. These shoes are worth every cent. They are so stylish but not trendy and very well made. The Giulias are great with pants but really shine with skirts and tights. Please John, we need Malibrans and Giulias in navy blue and purple!

    Audrey-Jane (Connecticut)

    September 20, 2010

  • My 5th pair?

    I've lost count. Anyway, got these in the gray first -- SUPER comfortable. Summer trip to San Francisco -- freezing (duh) -- needed something not sandals. Marched into the brand-new JF near Union Square and didn't think twice about these in the black. My first Fluevogs in a conservative color, and they're great. IF I had to nitpick, I wouldn't mind if the cutout in the front were a teeny bit higher -- even the littlest ped sock shows in the summer. But adorable with tights. I love the whole Operetta family - perfect heel height and thickness for running around all day. Do use a shoehorn -- I'm lazy sometimes about it, and I kick myself every time. Want these to last forever!

    jen (new jersey)

    September 1, 2010

  • my first pair

    these were my first pair of fluevogs and i love them. they were comfortable from the outset, and go with everything (i got the black). i love how they add a little sassiness to my conservative work wardrobe.


    March 27, 2010

  • Every January the man and me go through this crazy shoe hording phase, spending our tax refunds before they even come on well crafted amazing (and expensive) shoes that we normally can't afford, and this was the year I decided to splurge on my Fluevogs. After much debating, I decided to go with the red Guilias in my normal size 10. They were pretty tight, but after wearing them around the house all weekend and rubbing lots of leather lotion into the areas where they were the tightest, they broke in very nicely. A week later I was still drooling over the black ones so I called the wonderful people at the Chicago store and had them ship me the black ones - this time in a 10.5. The 10.5 fit a little better....less breaking in time then the 10....and I could wear them all day right out of the box. I would definitely order up a size if you don't want to go through the trouble of breaking in a tight pair of shoes (and believe me, these are so cute and attention grabbing that you will want them on your feet immediately and all day long!) :-D

    Erin (Minneapolis, MN)

    January 24, 2010

  • I am in love

    ...with these boots! Actually I am now in love with Fluevogs in general. Until recently I had never owned a pair, although as a born-and-bred Vancouverite I have seen and admired them on other people's feet since my teen years. Then I bought the Giulias (pearl gray with brown buttons) and my feelings about the the Fluevog brand went from casual appreciation to fervent support! These booties have it all: style (sweet yet sexy), versatility (they go with pretty much everything I own) and above all comfort. (I generally don't wear heels because they are often uncomfortable, but you could almost go jogging in the Giulias. Really). Oh, and for those of you who are interested, these fit me perfectly in my regular size, which is 6. On the strength of my love for these booties, I went out and bought a pair of Malibrans and Libby Smiths, which are also awesome but deserve separate reviews.

    Elisabeth (Vancouver)

    January 19, 2010

  • Giulia

    Absolutely LOVE this short boot. I didn't need any shoes at all, but came across the Seattle store and couldn't resist. They're not only stylish and fun, they're comfortable beyond belief and also very quiet. I am a total Fluevog convert!

    Susan (Portland, OR)

    January 8, 2010

  • Yay!!!

    Went to they gym at lunch today and arrived back at my desk to see a wonder, my new Giulia's. Took off my pointy toes immediately and slipped into red heaven for the rest of the day. Going to be a great year!!!! ]:o)

    luv my vogs!!! (New York)

    January 7, 2010

  • Amazing!

    My Giulia boots arrived today. They are amazing!! Because I have a high instep, I ordered a half size larger. Perfect! Also, as with any good shoe, use a shoehorn as to not break down the heel backs.

    Judy (Ontario)

    December 9, 2009

  • First Flogs!

    Dear goodness these shoes are genius! The grey have a strong character that none the less goes with everything. But it's the comfort which has me converting to the all Fluevog diet! Now, to get my hands on some more... :-)

    Hannah (Johnson City, Tn, U.S.)

    December 7, 2009

  • These boots stop traffic

    Really, these boots stop traffic! I have them in red. On the way to work this morning, a car stopped, and the driver let me walk in front of him before he turned. Then he rolled down the window and exclaimed, "Nice Shoes!" before continuing on his way. They're also incredibly comfortable. I have a half hour walking commute and then am on my feet all day. I'm normally a size 9, but the 9 1/2s fit perfectly because this boot runs a half size small.

    Emily (Brooklyn, NY)

    November 9, 2009

  • awesome shoes

    These are my first pair of Fleuvogs and I absolutely LOVE them!!! I ordered the brown pair and now that I have enjoyed them so far, I am in need of the wine pair! I can see how addicting they are. So amazingly comfortable and cute of course!

    Charlotte (california)

    November 8, 2009

  • My Magic Shoes

    I have these in wine, and they are magic. If I'm having a bad day, I'll actually go home at lunch and put them on, and my day is instantly better. Any day that starts with these on my feet is always a good day. They make any outfit look fantastic - I especially love dressing monochrome and thus ensure that all eyes are on my FLUEVOGS! I worked a trade show in these babies - standing and walking all day on concrete, and didn't have a sore back or sore feet at the end of it. I'd given up on wearing any type of heel at all until I found John. I've had people come up to me in restaurants asking where I got these babies. I keep calling them babies because I treat them like babies - wipe them off, wrap them up and put them in a little crib until the next time. My third in a year, and favourite so far, pair of Fluevogs! :-)

    Michele Menard Ferazzutti (Toronto)

    November 2, 2009


    These are seriously the greatest shoes EVER. They go with everything and are super comfortable. I have danced on them for hours and walked miles. And they make any outfit look good. I'm in love forever.

    Susan (Oak Park, IL)

    September 24, 2009

  • My absolute favorite shoes

    If I had to choose one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of my life, it would be these. I have them in brown, and they are incredibly versatile. They add stylish individuality to any outfit, and actually inspire me to wear cuter outfits. They're pretty but not too girly, and classy enough for a job interview. Like all my Fluevogs, they're 100% comfortable; I can walk in them all day without noticing that I'm wearing heels. I was wearing these when I met my boyfriend's sister, and she said, gravely, "oh. my. god. Those are the cutest shoes I have ever seen in my entire life." I feel the same way.

    Ingrid (Seattle)

    September 13, 2009

  • Comfy Happy Feet

    I bought these shoes in wine several months ago now. They were my 4th pair of Fluevogs within a year and were the most expensive of my shoe purchases to date. Every time I wear these shoes I am reminded of what a great buy they were; they are comfy & stylish, and prone to getting jealous stares, regular compliments and, especially, squeals of delight from fellow Fluevog lovers. Worth every pennie. ]:o)

    Jessica (Ottawa)

    September 11, 2009

  • My favourite "all-day" shoes!

    I love my Operettas - they are my all day shoes. The heel is in between high and low so they go with every pair of pants of own. I can stand in them all day! They are fabulous.

    Sandy McKellar (Vancouver)

    August 21, 2009

  • I have 3 and still not enough

    I have these in wine, black and red.. they look sexy with a little skirt and dark nylons. Just Love Them!

    shirley (montreal)

    July 21, 2009

  • I am in love!

    I just got these booties in gray. It was my first visit ever to the Fluevog store here in los Angeles, CA. I cannot believe how comfortable and beautiful they are. I always thought that someone on planet Earth had to come out with the idea of making shoes that were fashionable and comfortable at the same time and I just found this unique source! FLUEVOG! I am an instant fan. BEWARE: Once you get your first pair of Fluevog shoes you will become an addict! I am not kidding!

    Elsita (Los Angeles)

    June 15, 2009

  • Bought these in red on International Fluevog Day and am so utterly in love. They make the most mundane attire interesting, which is a hefty order for a shoe.

    Kelly (Boston, MA)

    June 2, 2009

  • Yay!!

    These shoes are beautiful. I have them in black and red. Though the same size, for some reason my red ones are more comfortable than the black ones. I guess every pair is a bit different. But anyway these are the only heeled shoes I've ever had where I can actually walk around all day in them; normally I wear ugly, worn-out running shoes when I have to walk more than 100 yards. Also, I love that the family is called operetta because I sing in operettas, and they can be used as operetta costume shoes!


    May 23, 2009

  • simplement vous dire que je suis totalement amoureuse de John...quel homme de comprendre autant la féminité sans oublier le comfort...depuis deux ans que je ne porte que des Fluevog...il n'est plus possible de porter autre chose...Merci!!! @>-

    Barbara Dumas (Montréal)

    March 30, 2009

  • Adorable, but yeah, the soles.

    I've had these for about 2 years. They're one of the cutest pairs of shoes I've ever seen, much less owned, and I get compliments every time I wear them. And unlike some other women's Fluevogs, they are a good fit for my wide-ish feet. The soles are the frustrating part. The rubber seems to be on sort of crooked - especially on the heels. Also, I discovered that the wood on the heels is veneer when it started peeling up a little bit from the sole part. While I get that they are repair-able, sending them off to the Fluevog hospital seems like a potentially expensive-postage hassle--particularly considering that they are $300 shoes. Really really cute $300 shoes.

    Jannette (Minneapolis)

    February 10, 2009

  • I love these boots so much it's hard to put into words. Let's see... they're eye-catching on the foot, no matter WHAT kind of clothes you choose to wear them with. I get comments on them EVERY time I wear them.


    Andrea (Ann Arbor, MI)

    January 31, 2009

  • A girl's best friend!

    I lucked into these puppies in black when they first came out over 2 years ago. I almost cried with joy, instead of the usual pain I experience when wearing heels on my bunion-bound dogs. I've made tracks on the streets of Vancouver, Seattle, Paris and Saskatoon in these lovelies and have become so loyal, I had to buy them in red as well! Hmm, which colour will I bite on next? Yes, I am like a dog with a bone - Giulias are girl's best friend!

    Wendy (Vancouver)

    December 29, 2008

  • my GOD i love these boots!

    These boots are a dream - so super-comfy that I think I could probably sleep in them, and so unbelievably cool that people on the street have stopped me to ask where I got them (yes, for real!). What the heck are you waiting for? These are your boots!

    Karen (San Francisco, CA)

    November 24, 2008

  • why do they fall apart so quickly?

    I coveted these boots, I bought these boots, I ADORED these boots, and yes, random strangers stop you EVERYWHERE and ask about them, and yes, they are the most comfortable shoes ever to glorify my feet. But I babied these things, and still the sole is falling apart and a button has fallen off. I don't know that the buttons are replaceable, and for as much money as I paid - well worth it, had they not self-destructed - it's pretty disappointing. I hadn't even worn them a year. Cry :(

    jen (chicago)

    January 3, 2009


    All the John Fluevog stores have replaceable buttons, heel lifts, and heels, so please contact a store to keep your shoes in great shape. The stores even have a cobbler that repair almost anything for you.

  • These are my favourite pair of shoes - extremely comfortable and amazingly versatile (jeans, skirts, dress pants). I can walk in them for hours. I ALWAYS travel with them. I have a wide foot and they fit well. They did need to be re-heeled after a year of constant wear but I really think that's to be expected of shoes that I wear every day. I took them in to the Fluevog store and they had them back to me in 3 days. LOVE them!

    J (Vancouver)

    November 13, 2008


    I love and adore these ridiculously comfortable shoes! I have other Vogs in my collection, including a pair of tall boots from the Operetta family. They are also VERY comfortable. The Operetta family is fantastic!

    Sadly: My first pair of Gulias lost a button cap (leaving the metal below exposed, and thus, leaving the shoe unwearable), and just recently, one of the elastic straps broke on my second pair! I'm still trying to figure out how to fix that... As mentioned in one of the other reviews on these shoes, do note that they take some working in if you have a high arch. I DO have a high arch, and I figure this is why I was struck by the tradgedy of a broken elastic. (:`( NO problems with the soles on either pair #1 or pair #2. They are fantastic for summer (yes, we do get summer here...and quite warm, thank you very much!) and/or for a Yellowknife winter. Gloriously beautiful shoes. Despite issues, they are marvelous!

    Mindy (Yellowknife, NWT Canada)

    November 14, 2008

    Oh the lovely Giulia boots. We love them too. :)


    All of our stores have cobblers than can fix and repair Fluevogs, and I would recommend you contact, and send your shoes to one of our stores. They have the replacement buttons, and can fix the elastic quite easily.


    Yep - its official. These are my all time favourites. We're coming into summer now though so I may have to give them a well earned rest. I have worn them to death for a year and just had new heels put on so they're ready for another year when the weather cools down. I wore them just about every day. They seemed to suit every occasion - casual, formal - I wore them to a wedding with a black embroidered wrap skirt and I wore them to the shops to get a coffee! These shoes know no bounds!

    Cecilia (Sydney)

    November 14, 2008

  • Love this bootie, had to have her in RED. Super comfy and classic. I can dress up or down and ware them for hours and hours. Only problem is they are so cute I look at my feet instead of where I am going....


    October 20, 2008

  • Love 'em, But need to replace soles!

    I love these shoes sooooo much, I have worn them 6 days a a week for 1.5 years. Unfortunately, I need to resole them already and Fluevog only sells the heel replacement, not the entire shoe sole replacement. I am debating whether to pay a cobbler to hand-make another pair of soles, or to buy a new pair. Buy these shoes, but be warned: you will need to replace them in 2 years if you wear them everyday.

    Brianna (Montreal)

    November 5, 2008


    Hello Brianna - so glad you love the Giulias so much (Fluevogs love to be loved). As you know, the Operettas have a soft rubber sole, which makes them outrageously comfortable, but also can wear quicker than a harder sole. Any cobbler will be able to resole them easily with a thin, soft Vibram sole. If you have any questions on how to do this, or to have one of our Fluevog-approved cobblers do this for you, contact one of our stores.

  • worn down soles

    I LOVE these boots too, but I too have had problems with the soles. they are totally worn down, which is a major bummer considering they cost $350 and just got them last year. `:O

    buyer beware. they are my favorite, but i am definitely having second thoughts about buying another pair - even though I LOVE THEM!


    November 5, 2008

  • For all Fashionistas!!!

    I bought these in Wine and then in black and was so excited to see they brought out 2 new colors!! I have had SO many complements on these. I have worn them all over Manhattan and in San Fran and Chicago, with cute dresses and skirts and textured fishnets - I LOVE clothes. I am ballet dancer who had an injury and these are really comfortable but have been stopped in places like Barneys, the Coach store etc and asked where my great boots came from. Fluevog is not necessarily known for high fashion shoes/boots and yet these are SO GREAT. I also have worn them out in the snow and yet they still look brand new after a whole winter. Everyone should rush out and buy them!!! In Winter when you can't wear heels with your cute clothes I live in these and they totally make the outfit and feel great too. I about to order the grey. Oh and as far as fit, I think they are true to size but are a bit more 'foot shaped' and know that the inside leather is smooth so your foot with tights will slide - when mine first came I thought they were small as my toe slide to the end but then I wore them and they were fine. I can't wear Fluevog tall boots as they are too big for my calves, but these are ankle boots so of course they fit. Know also that the little buttons and elastic are snug over your instep if you have a high instep. The good thing is though that with wear the elastic hasn't stretched out - at least on mine, which I was worried about.

    Aasha (Pittsburgh, PA)

    November 1, 2008

  • Like wearing cupcakes on your feet!

    I love my booties. I bought these about 2-years ago, but only wore them for 1-year because the heal wore off too quick. I finally took them to a shoe repair shop and got them fixed, only to find out that you can get the replacement heels from Fluevog.

    I love these shoes, but the only problem is that the sole is too soft and wear down very quickly. The leathers are forever, but not the soles. Alas, it's a paradox.


    Jessie Sandoval (Oakland)

    October 28, 2008

  • Love them!

    I wear them almost every day, and still am getting comments on them after a year of owning them!

    Ruth (Saskatchwan)

    October 21, 2008

  • this is the best bootie in the world! it's so comfortable even with a high heel. I wear it everyday! B-)


    October 17, 2008

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