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Jet Streams


Sorry, this style has been discontinued!

Check out the Flueseum!

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Sailors, cyclists, and stylistas ahoy. The gentle winds that carry you afar bring the perfect fall shoe for all your adventures. Buffalo-finished Portuguese leather with laser etched latitudes guarantee you a safe return. Get on the jetstream, and don't let your destination change your course. Men's whole sizes only.

Found in: Casual, Formal, Shoes, Mens


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Nathan - Sydney, Australia
This is my second pair of Fluevogs after buying the Frontier Danielson's about a month ago. I am wearing them for the first time as I type, after getting them delivered yesterday. Props to Amanda at the Gastown store for typical, flawless Fluevog customer service. They look so good, they fit like a glove and the blue laces put a subtle bit of typical Fluevog fun to the whole shoe. Love them!


Bob - Victoria, BC
OK, I love the colour and design of these Westerlies, but the devil is in the details. The blue laces really make these pop, and if they aren't with yours, ask the friendly 'Vog folks to get you a pair (you can always wear the black laces if you need to go conservative).

My first Flues but not my last!

Steve - San Francisco
Okay, I went into the San Francisco store a few weeks ago because I'm sort of dating somebody who works there, and I work in a law firm and just to be polite I bought the most conservative shoes in the place, which were these Westerlies in Merlot, but you see, I don't care about style, blah blah blah, only comfort and function, and the Westerlies do happen to be very comfortable. So how come I came back a week later for the sleek black Brandos which are so much more comfortable than any stylish shoe deserves to be?
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