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Mattie Silks

Women's (US)
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In 1881, Denver rival Madames Mattie Silks and Katie Fulton settled a jealous dispute by taking up pistols against each other in a duel over bruiser and gambler Cortez Thomson (who ironically (or deliberately), was the only person injured in the duel). Mattie went on to become the most successful and influential businesswomen that Denver has ever known. She kept steady "business" for 42 years until she ran off with a railroad tycoon, only to return a decade later to resume "business" for another 20 years. Using a soft Italian black leather with two double-buckled straps on a 2.5" Fellowship-hi heel and tunite Bellevue sole, this zipped knee-high boot is sure keep "business" opportunities coming back for more. Keep pushing west and beyond your imagination.

Approximate Calf Measurements: Size 6-7 (13"), Size 8-9 (14") and Size 10-11 (15")

Approximate Boot Shaft Height: Size 6-7 (14.5"), Size 8-9 (15") and Size 10-11 (15.5")


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Mattie Silks
Mattie Silks

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