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40th Anniversary Derby Swirl

Sorry, this style has been discontinued!

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In celebration of John's 40 anniversary, the iconic Angel is being released in a Limited Edition white gold rub-off leather. The Angel Soles, now 20 years old, are still made from 100% natural latex harvested from the Hevea Tree. The tough, resoleable Angels still recite the now famous JF message engraved on the sole: "Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan." Get them quick, before Goldfinger buys them all up for his Fort Knox heist.


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Flash Gordon Combat boots?

Shannon - Los Angeles
Someone at work called these my Flash Gordon boots, and the name has stuck. :) Yes, the gold will wear a bit and look a little beat up; I think this is a feature (not a bug) but if you think otherwise and want super shiny gold boots forever, these may not be for you. HOWEVER, the first day I wore these, I walked four miles in them. No discomfort, no blisters, no problems, Four. Miles. Super comfy, and flashy looking? Oh, my, yes, please!

Heavenly & heartedly worn

jaxjay - Granville, Vancouver
It took me two months of debating before I finally bought these Angels and my feet are loving them!!! I've worn them to work everyday for a month, stand/walk around in them for 9 hours and my feet have never felt so cushioned. HEAVENLY! 0:) The shiny gold (it's def shiny) gets plenty of comments! Some of it got scuffed off but I heart the beat up, worn look.

They are a true fit; I wear 6.5 or 7 in most shoes and I got a 7. They go with my all jeans: straight legged, slim and boot cut in various blues & black. These are my 1st pair of Fluevogs!!! Am looking to own many, many more. Oh Fluevog, how you tempt me ;)

Perfect, Perfect, Perfect

Vicki Pearce - Port Orchard, Washington
I have coveted these boots for several years and when the anniversary edition debuted I was beyond smitten if you can be smitten with a boot. I ride a Harley Davidson Road Glide. It has a 103" motor, 6 speed transmision Bub Rhinehart true dual exhaust system and for attitude, 16" apehangars. Image is important when you are a girl riding a giant powerful bike. I have been riding for 43 years. (I just turned 58.) In my twenties I had an accident that has slowly crippled my left leg and now I have a total joint replacement in my left ankle. It makes shoe and especially boot buying very difficult. I decided to sell my beloved old Cadillac to the junk yard. It had developed an electrical problem that the dealer called a "hot mess". Soooo I traded my Cadillac for a pair of gold riding boots. Because of my ankle issues I did an easy break in for about a week. Everything I ever heard or read about how great these boots feel on your feet is true. I've noticed a few complaints about quality in production. None here! They are so beautiful that I display them where I can always see them when I'm not wearing them. I waited to write this because I wanted to break them in, take them for a ride and walk around most of the day. I did all that yesterday. It was the most pain free day I have had in years. Laura (I hope that's right) was amazing. She only works in the Seattle store on Sundays and Mondays. You would have thought she was Western Regional Manager in charge of excellent customer service. I paid for and ordered the boots on 3/28 and they arrived the very next day. My 58th birthday! My husband I laughed because they are almost the same color as the Caddy I sold to buy them. My box was wrapped in festive blue paper. Included was a coloring book, a sticker, a lapel pin, and a hand written note from the girl, Crystal, who shipped my boots from Portland. It says, "John Fluevog loves you more than Jaguars and ice cream.", extra laces in more of a gold tone if you want to switch the black, and a soft bag that I will probably use on my head somehow even though I realize it's a shoe bag. Even my husband says they are beyond boots....they are art for my feet. John Fluevog and Company, I love you more than a summer ride under a full moon by myself when the air is the same temp as my skin, and crispy, cold, sweet juicy grapes. You know what's cool??? Bein' cool! You all are the coolest. Thank-you! Vicki Pearce
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40th Anniversary Derby Swirl
40th Anniversary Derby Swirl

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