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Ida Clark

Sorry, this style has been discontinued!

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In 1882, Ida Clark, then 30 years old and single, decided it was time to leave Deadwood South Dakota. After many years in the business, "golden haired and ravishing" Ida caught the morning train and disappeared forever, leaving behind a legend of firehouse balls, suspicious murders, and a missing trunk full of money and stolen jewelry. Built from soft dusty pastel leathers, or striped canvas with microfiber lining (vegan), on a 2.5" Fellowship-hi heel and tunite Bellevue sole, this ankle bootie was legendary.* Keep pushing west and beyond your imagination.

*The black/pin stripe canvas colourway was the Vegan/non-leather option in this style.


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Beautiful and comfy shoes fit for me!!

Stephanie Holladay - Charleston,SC
I bought these on Fluevog day. Yay free shipping! And the guy at the union station store took care of everything, wonderfully. It's actually the first time I've bought brand new vogs so I was a little worried about the fitting. These looked a little small when I took them out of the box. But I tried them on and they fit wonderfully once the leather warms up to body temp. the top part that is at the ankle is a little large for my foot, but that's probably cause I don't have regular sized feet. it looks and feels fine that way. I've never seen them before I got my pair so maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. And I love my 5th pair of Vogs. Also, the people at the chicago store are wonderful. Rebecca is a hoot. I will be seeing her at Christmas time. Keep up the good work guys. Also, on a side note-most people say that these run small, but I've found that most vogs fit me true to size these are slightly narrow. They look cute with colored tights I think.and jeans, and in the office, and skirts. I think with everything. but I like my shoes a little tight too. Needless to say I feel like a western gunslinger queen in these. ]:o)

Awesome, but...something happened.

amber - NYC
First off I must say that Fluevog has THE BEST customer service. Here's why: As a first time customer of Fluevog I bought these shoes on sale in a size 7 online. The only pair left! I wanted to purchase them for my wedding and they fit the bill perfectly. So I did it. The next day someone from the NYC store called and said they had the pair at their location and encouraged me to try them on first before purchasing, and they'd knock off the shipping fee. Brilliant! So, the next day I went to the store, tried them on (more about the fit below). I decided to move forward with the purchase in-store. Then, noticed that the right bootie was not only dirty, but discolored compared to the left. Turns out, this was the LAST PAIR of these available and it was the display pair. The Fluevog employee did everything possible to find another pair or at least get cleaning hints to get the stains out. On top of that, they knocked off 10%. So, I bought them. I have since worn them and they fit slim at first, but the material does stretch out a bit and are very comfortable after a few minutes of wear. HOWEVER...I began to wear mine a little before my wedding, to break them in and I'm very sad to say that the right bootie - the one that was on display - ripped at the seam in the front. I'm so sad! These were to be my wedding shoes and now I need to find another, more sturdy pair. So, do not buy vegan display shoes - they may end up fragile in the end.

Constant Compliments

Jessie - Boston, MA
I splurged on these about a month ago and I've been wearing them frequently ever since. I'm not normally comfortable in heels and prone to plantar fasciitis, and I can spend the day in these quite comfortably with no stiffness or soreness in my feet afterward. I get daily compliments on them from my students, coworkers, and people on the street. They go well with my long skirts and short ones, and they really dress up any outfit I own. I'd love a pair in every color!
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Ida Clark Black & Striped Canvas
Ida Clark Black & Striped Canvas

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