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Eureka, the Gold Rush city on the Northern Californian coast, was given its name after a Greek word meaning "I have found it!" Leftovers of its boom can be seen in its Redwood Victorian architecture, or from the smell of Gold in the air. Combining style and comfort, this Mary Jane features patterned stitching, and leather wrapped 2.5" wedge heels in a finish reminiscent of sun bleached grass. Perfect for any treasured outfit, the Eureka brings Californian Gold right to your feet.

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Professional, comfortable, yet sexy

Christine - Missouri
I absolutely love these. The fit was perfect out of the box (my feet are a touch narrow with high arches) and of course, the compliments are legion. I will admit, people know who's walking down the hallway (a coworker mentioned a scene from The Godfather), but I've had no issues with the heels otherwise. Besides, why be a Vogger if you don't want to be noticed?

Love these but have had some issues

MVS - Vancouver
These are my 10th pair of Fluevogs, and though they are super comfy and I love love them, I've had a few issues. Similar to the woman who dented her heel on cobblestones, the first time I wore mine (a chill datenight), I came home to find the covering over the heel had torn. I took them back and had to convince the store that this shouldn't be happening the first time I wear these shoes (I was told it "definitely wasn't a warranty issue"). But they did get fixed, and I've worn them a few times since, but now I find the inside of the back part of the shoe (at the inside of my heels) gapes a bit. Also, I have the green colour, and the dye job isn't great - it's now getting splotchy (I haven't worn them in the rain and they were sprayed with protector at the store), and kind of orangish in colour, which is a shame because I really loved the original green.
Shane Powers - Cleveland
Absolutely fabulous shoes! There was definitely a break-in period with these shoes, but after two weeks they became the most comfortable pair of heels I've ever owned! They're adorable, stylish, and look absolutely perfect with jeans- I'm almost tempted to buy another pair!
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