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The Jagger is a jumpin' black flashy boot with a men's Cuban heel, perfect for struttin' across stage catwalks to single out members of the audience. Made of the finest faux Iguana leathers, with multiple straps of brushed silver studs, this boot oozes rebellion and attitude. Whether you are sleeping with Bowie, or pouting with your billion dollar lips, this emotional rescue is a sure bet you aren't going to go home alone. Sometimes you can always get what you want.* Hey Idol, Get Real!

*Ok, maybe not always.

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Nathaniel - Bozeman Montana
I was concerned on how to get the silver studs shiny and not so dull?

Don't let the good looks fool you...

Blaine Barber - Toronto
Not only are these awesome looking boots, they are also the most comfortable shoes/boots I have in my collection. That's right! More comfortable (for walking) than sneakers, soft sole boots, you name it. I usually won't wear anything with much of a heel, but these are so well made they actually add stability rather than make you more wobbly. 5 out of 5 for these boots... I'll be back for more!!!

What I've been looking for

Kevin - Decatur, GA
We all know men don't have may places to by unique shoes. While visiting Seattle, I got to Fluevog. The most helpful shoe store, and Jagger was it. Comfortable and what a look. They do lift your attidue, confidence and spirit. Anyone who notices shoes asks about them. But, give yourself a few days of wearing them part time, unless your used to boot that go just over the ackle.
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