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The LA

Griffith Park

Sorry, this style has been discontinued!

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A must have statement item !

Melvina - Milwaukee
I purchased these boots a few months back when they were at $329 :: and that was a bargain! At $199 you cannot pass these up!
I have worn them several times :: most recently in my duties as an umbrella girl for the XR1200 race at Miller Motorsports Park in SLC for World Superbike weekend in May.
I am 5"9', so height helps with these twiggy beauties, but they were the talk of the track. I wore them 6 hours, which was about max in the comfort zone, but ENTIRELY worth the investment. They are true to size and I thought they were quite generous for the calf & thigh circumferences.
Enjoy these hotties - u will most certainly make an impact with these :)

Only for the stick figure

DeeDee - Portland, OR
These are gorgeous boots, and I thought I was dreaming when I saw them on sale for only $259...after having missed out on the fabulous Grand Nationals (I should've picked up a pair of those in black AND red pony fur...slaps self in face four times.. X-) I immediately ordered them up. The only problem is that my legs resemble an R.Crumb starlet (no, in fact, R.Crumb once saw me and fell in love...), so you must the long slender legs of a young colt to even attempt these. They appear as though they can be successfully altered to work with us big-legged, soulless ones, and maybe even altered to look even cooler, if that's possible!! ,-> Anyone know of a good cobbler in the Portland, OR area that can help???

A pair of super-awesomeness!

Zina - Denver, CO
I purchased this pair of lovely boots a couple of weeks ago for the perfect occasion. Wore them last night for this planned occasion and they were a hit! I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were. I was on my feet for a total of 4 hours and I was feeling sexy all of those hours. I wore them with my most favorite pair of blue jeans and a tiny, tight, red cashmere sweater. My outfit was very simple but the boots made my simple outfit give me the WOW! factor. Ladies and men complimented me non stop. Thank you John! I LOVE you.
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Griffith Park
Griffith Park

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