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Any barista can make a Cappuccino, but to create a Breva (smoother and fuller, with well-finessed foam) requires the touch of an artist. Any work of art involves patience, attention to detail, and a mastery of a palette of colours, which are all present in this delicious pump. Featuring veggie-tanned leathers in soft pastels on a tunite sole, with a 3.25" leather-wrapped heel, the Breva is a classic and sophisticated pump hand crafted to a perfect balance.

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The Paralegal with Those Blue Shoes

Practical Paralegalism Career Dressing - North Carolina
As a legal staffer with a limited clothing budget, these Vogs, even on clearance, are the most expensive shoes I've ever ordered. (Sad, I know). But I'd seen other style bloggers wearing Vogs, and I longed for a pair with an intensity that was rather like a junior high crush (*real* intense).

I thought the blue pumps would work well in a conservative office, even as a kind of a neutral. I wear them several times a week, and to all my business conferences, and people are constantly asking me about them. One even exclaimed, "You're the paralegal with THOSE blue shoes!" I've been yelled at from cars, "I love your robin's egg blue shoes!" The 6.5 sizing was exactly right for my high-arched feet.

I'm a Vog fan for life, and will buy another pair as soon as those Wallet Vampires (The Teens) move out ,->

Awesome looking just not comfy enough

Kat - Vancouver
These are my first pair of Coffee and they definitely look amazing, very classy and sexy. They are true to size.

But they are just not comfortable enough for my feet (size 7 medium to wide). I usually have to take them off after wearing them for a couple of hours indoor at office environment, mainly sitting.

Best wedding shoes EVER

Mo - Vancouver
I bought the robin's egg blue shoes for my wedding, and I was worried because I had slacked off on the break-in period I had planned prior to "The Big Day".
I needen't have worried! I wore these for a solid 8 hours straight, standing most of the time, and including 3 hours of crazy dancing! Needless to say, I am super pleased by how they look and feel, even on my wide feet! Thinking about getting another pair in a different colour....
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