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From his early years as the dishwasher in his Father's ice cream shoppe, John spent a lot of time listening to the radio and hanging out with the cooks from the neighbouring Italian restaurant. It was with mixed results that John befriended the well dressed 'connected' Orlando brothers, Vinny and Peppers, who introduced John to slang terms like 'cardasharky' and 'benny-da-bookie' piquing his already expanding imagination. Fortunately for us Fluevogers, the life of cigarettes and card games in the clink was not for John, but this experience did leave John with a vision of future hipness: V-neck t-shirts, rolled pants, no socks with unlaced beat up brown shoes.

John drew up the Radio Audizioni Italiane named after the Italian public broadcaster. The RAI is a two toned, vintage-looking slip-on loafer (with eyelets for those seeking 'lace security') that uses aged Atlas leathers and nappy suedes with waxy, burnished toes on unfinished, uneven stacked leather heels. So roll up your pants and leave the socks at home, the Radio RAI is here to cast some broads.. ba-da-boom! Tune in, Turn on, and Vog out!

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