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Just like the time on the bus home from school, when she gave you your first kiss, John brings you the Allison - a blushing mary jane that gives you butterflies in your tummy. The Allison features a classic strap with a custom JF buckle, and a swing toe last with an almond toe shape, that gives it that extra squeeze of cuteness. Built on tunite soles with durable Bottero leathers and suedes in a youthful pattern, the Allison is perfect with nerdy glasses, argyle socks, and hand holding. A thankful person is a happy person.

Instagram @fluevog #vog_allison

Found in: Casual, Womens, Flats


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Broke 'em in. Now I can't take them off

Lisa - Los Angeles
Hi, I'm Lisa and I am such a Fluevoholic that I have added 7 pairs to my bag already and decided to write this testimonial before I make myself narrow it down (for budgetary reasons :P) to 2, or possibly 3 or 4 amazing looking Fluevies while they are still have-able and super saleicious!
About these cuties... I first ordered these online because they were just so darn adorable! I ordered them true to size (10) but they fit pretty tight so I decided to take them to Chicago with me and made a special trip to the Fuevog store there while catching up with my husband WHO happened to be on tour at the time (pun intended). They exchanged them for a size 11 which seemed to fit better, so I wore them out of the store. I have to say, my first day was somewhat excruciating as this particular style was not the heavenly fit I have known Fluevogs to be. The leather was stiff around my foot yet soft to the touch, so I did not give up on them right away. Day two was a bit better and somehow held promise for a fit that was to take shape the more I wore them. They are now some of the comfiest shoes I own. SOOOO worth the break-in period. I have several varieties of Minis (my introduction and raison d'être for this sublime addiction), Viadots, ice blue coffee Macchiatos (picked up on the same Chicago store outing), and super amazing blue Flyvogs I was so excited to find at the LA store, but I will probably end up ordering another pair of Allisons as well, just so that I can dye them blue. My dream shoe would be to have the rubber F sole on Topaz blue Adrians (I would even fly to Canada to pick them up - hint hint!) The only problem with the gray Allisons is that the black soles occasionally scuff up the sides of the light colored shoe which first happened in the store when I tried them on, but I am glad I didn't let that bother me either because they wipe off well enough and as the sole gets worn it does less scuffing. The rubber F sole would solve that problem. Hmm, perhaps I should turn my passion into a flirtation with shoe design...... or stick to writing musicals and leave the rest to John!

Fave shoes but narrow

Guenevyre - Dundas, Ontario
These are my 6th pair of Fluvvies. I am beginning to become an addict. Or maybe I am. Not sure.
In any case, I loved these upon first sight. Except they rubbed me the wrong way after one wearing (I have a bit of a [gasp] bunion from young high-heeled days) and the left one landed right on it.
I took these to the shoemaker to be stretched and NOW they are my go-to shoes. Look great, feel great and are unusual. My conservative step-mother hates them; an added bonus. :->

Loved them but too narrow

Julia - Chicago
I've had my eye on these since they came out, and the day the sale was announced I rushed to the Chicago store. (I would have gone ahead and bought them, but I had been laid off).
I tried on my usual size, 9 - and it was too narrow! I could barely get my foot in, it was clearly way too tight. I tried the 10s, but they were both too long and too wide.
A bit disappointing, but people with narrow feet need shoes too! I'm trying to get away from high heels because I'm both tall and walk a lot, so I hope Fluevog makes some similar styles for my wide, round-toed, high-arched feet.
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