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The Goodall was named after the scientist who was best known for her study of the social & family interactions of wild chimpanzees, and how those were indications early hominid behaviour. Going against the academic beliefs of the time, Goodall proved that chimpanzees naturally use tools, aren't vegetarians, and have a tendency towards aggression, providing further evidence of the social similarities between humans and chimpanzees, albeit in a much darker manner.

The Goodalls feature vegetable-tanned leathers with a soft pebbled texture, and are built on a 0.75" platform of exposed recycled cork with a 4" solid wood heel. John designed the Goodall as a natural heeled sandal with an ankle strap for those eco-minded, fashion-forward individuals who like to prove the establishment wrong, and tend to go with their strong intuition. Natural Beauty Rules.

Found in: Casual, Sandals, Heels, Womens


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Instant LOVE!!!

Kari Homan Shannon - Dallas, TX
These shoes were oh so comfy, except they dug into the side of my foot on the outside. The top outside part of the toe strap just hurt... so I oiled and stretched them, but when I oiled them they lost that beautiful heather color and now are just plain gray. I love them so much that I came back and bought the next size larger to see if it fits any better, and plan on keeping both pairs... These are awesome. They were my first pair, and I got my second pair a week later, and ordered 3 more pair tonight. Never have I worn heels this comfy!!! Life is good in my Fluevogs!!!

pretty but flimsy

Cayley - Vancouver/Mexico
I had drooled over these in the Vancouver stores, and while now temporarily living in Mexico, once I saw they were on sale and in my size, I bought them online and had them shipped to my employer, who dropped them off for me on a recent trip down. The 10.5 worked well for my normally-11 feet. I was so in love - they are indeed an absolutely gorgeous shoe. The dove grey (almost a purple tone) is a great neutral and for heels, they were fairly comfortable off the get-go. My first pair of Fluevogs and I was impressed. My second time wearing them out, however, ended in tragedy. Once I got home I was unstrapping them and discovered that the right side of the heel of my left shoe had ripped right out from the sole. We're talking second wear with minimum impact here - like walking from the taxi to dinner. Be careful with these, they're delicate. Mine are now unwearable after an all-too-brief love affair and between the sale-exchange policy and my location I'm screwed. Guess I'm stuck waiting til I get home to see if my favorite cobbler can help. Not sure how I feel about the shoes now, or the brand.

Is in love with John Fluvog.

Diane Maille - Vancouver Island
Just arrived in the mail yesterday. I never thought I would ever say it, but here is a guy who knows what a woman wants and understands her needs! John Fluvog you fit sooo good. Girls when you see me with my John Fluevog, don't hate me. You too can get a pair just don't touch mine!
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