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Named after the scientist Galileo Galilei, best known as the father of modern science, who brought Mathematics, Physics, and technological advances by improving the military compass, the telescope, the microscope, the swimming costume and the thermometer. Despite being censored and banned by the Church, Galileo continued his Astronomy studies discovering Jupiter's moons, the planet Neptune, the phases of Venus, and was the first to map out craters and mountains on the Moon. In 1632, Galileo was tried by the Roman Inquisition and was found to be "vehemently suspect of heresy" and lived the rest of his live under house arrest, all for holding to his theory that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth, and the Earth is not the center of the Universe.

Featuring vegetable tanned leathers with a soft pebbled texture built on a 0.75" platform of exposed recycled cork with a 4" solid wood heel, The Galileo was designed by John as a natural heeled sandal for those eco-minded, fashion-forward individuals who like to prove that the truth cannot be contained, and who are driven to prove their enemies wrong. Natural Beauty Rules.

Found in: Boots, Sandals, Heels, Womens


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CF - Seattle
These were one of my few 'Vog purchases that I didn't keep. Lovely to look at and comfy on the foot but I couldn't walk in them to save my life. Having the base of the heel so far forward under my foot made me really unstable - I felt like I was constantly in danger of tipping backward. Broke my heart to eBay them, but it was a choice between my heart and my neck, and my broken heart was easier to fix.

Slightly wonky heel

Sara - Ottawa Ontario
First off, I must say that I was not disappointed asthetically when I opened the box and saw these gorgeous sandals. They look even better in person. The purple is GORGEOUS and contrasts beautifully with the brown. However, I now understand why the person in an earlier comment said that the heel folds under when she walks. The same thing happens to me. In fact, I know I will have to adjust my stride when wearing them, which kind of sucks. Also, I too have to take them to a cobbler to punch additional holes for more adjustment options. In addition, the pair I got has a slight rip in the strap, which made me unhappy, but I don't want to pay extra to ship them back to get a replacement. I'm glad I got them on sale, because with all the extra tinkering these shoes require, both physically and cost-wise, I would have certainly returned them had I paid full price. Don't get me wrong, I love all of my pairs of Fluevogs, but I'm starting to think that sticking with their flat boot models is the way to go. Hope you fluevoggers find this feedback helpful!

Love Them!

Jannon - Alabama
I was a little worried about the heel height but I shouldn't have been. They are SO comfortable. They run a little big but the straps can adjust for that. I'll probably put a pad in the ball-of-the-foot area to snug it up a little more.
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