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Second Miracles


Women's (US)
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Handmade with supple soft, Argentinian leathers and faux-iguana textures on a leather sole, with a 3.75" slender heel, The Rhon is a sophisticated pump with triangle cut outs. John dedicates this simple, but stylish pump to the relentless spirit that keeps our survival paramount.

A few years ago John and his lovely wife took a quiet holiday to The Rhon Mountains of Bavaria. One morning, John got up early and went for a small hike as he is apt to do on vacation. While walking along the beautiful scenic mountaintops, John saw and decided to explore the ruins of the Botenlauben Castle. As John found and walked into a secret passageway to the depths of the ruins, the stone floor underneath him collapsed causing him to fall into the pit of darkness two stories below. Thankfully John was able to catch hold of a rock as he fell, and landed with the grace of descending angels. As John groped the ancient walls in darkness, trying to find a way out, he heard a quiet accented voice whisper "John, don't dispair, miracles happen everyday." John was a bit spooked (who wouldn't be!?), but followed in the direction of the voice with both fear and trust. After a few stumbles in the darkness, John happened to touch a small door, about three feet in height, and counted his blessings as the door opened up to a tiny passageway of even darker blackness. Always one to follow his faith, John courageously crawled through the door and down hundreds of feet in this tiny tunnel until he saw a speck of daylight. Turns out John had found (with some spiritual assistance) the Count's secret tunnel that allowed him to come and go when moonlighting with the local peasants. John thanked his guide, and returned to his hotel where his darling wife listened to his story incredulously. Words said in faith change lives.

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I typically do not like to wear heels, but these shoes inspired me. I wore mid-high heels for a week before I transitioned to these and I found them to be very comfortable (for high heels). Love them!
Anik B. - Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
My first Fluevogs ever (why I waited so long to buy my first pair is beyound me)! I bought the pink/corail them! Comfortable, stylish, unique....and on sale! Even my 4 years old puts them on when she wants to play grown up! :-)
Anastasia Ledwon - Smithers, BC, Canada
Bought these in peach, amazingly on sale. They are just beautiful and the colour is unique. I thought perhaps they weren't as definitively Fluevog, per se, in that they were lovely but not...super different. However, I got just as many delighted oohs and aahs from passersby as with the rest of my 'Vogs! They fit a tad big but took care of that in the store with an insert (thanks, Granville Street!).
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