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Velazquez was the official portrait painter of the court of King Philip IV, whose numerous renditions of historical scenes were a major influence for the 19th century realist and impressionist painters. Built on an exquisite and decadent Louis the 14th hexagonal heel, The Velazquez knee high boot used a contrapposto of soft stamped royal suedes with robust patent tips, and featured both lace up and zippers. The sensuous Velazquez provided your wardrobe with the palette and curves to create your own masterpiece. There's no fashion like old fashion.

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Another stunner

I went back and forth on these boots because I have monster calves and rarely find knee-length boots that will fit them. (No kidding. Even "wide calf" boots often aren't big enough.) I wavered so long that the burgundy sold out, but I finally splurged on black. I'm glad I did -- with some judicious lacing, these do fit my lower legs. And they're absolutely gorgeous. So glad that cold weather is here and I can wear them!


Dany - Edmonton
After much back and forth, I bought these beauties in the last size 8 they had. The red ones sold out quite quickly so I thought I had "settled" for the black ones. After opening the box I gasped, they are STUNNING in black. From other reviews I thought they were fabric and leather, but the upper part is this luxe, rich, exquisitely tooled brocaded leather with a discrete ruffle above the top of the foot and also on top. My husband thought them beautiful too and that they are very aptly named Velazquez after the Spanish painter. They fit well on my size 7.5 feet, I wear them with socks or, like today, with patterned tights and a pair of thin mid calf socks. The only thing is that it's snowing early this year and I wore them today (Halloween) and I slipped on the sidewalk because the soles are very smooth. If your size is one of those that are left do not hesitate to buy them, you will not regret it, they are absolutely worth it.

Love, but...

Emily Dale - United States
I absolutely adore the look and feel of these boots, and I get compliments everywhere I go with them. I must say, though, that even with them laced up as tight as they get they are a bit loose for my admittedly somewhat scrawny legs. It's not quite bad enough for me to return them, but if you don't have the most shapely legs in the world, be prepared for a bit of a sad.
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Velazquez Burgundy
Velazquez Burgundy
Velazquez Burgundy
Velazquez Burgundy

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