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For the first time in 15 years, John has designed a new style on the classic, infamous Munster heel. Featuring a sexy 4" Louis IV heel, soft glossy leathers, tunite soles and brested heels, the lace-up Gwynne is an updated club shoe to get your groove on with. "Groove is in the Heart."

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I RULE when I wear these!!

Anne - Ottawa, ON
These shoes demand attention but in a good way. I can't wait for fall to show them off with funky tights. I normally wear a 6.5. The 7s fit perfectly.

15 minutes later... I still feel like a dark summer princess.

Nina - Philadelphia
Update! After walking around my house a bit longer, and with a little more confidence, I have realized something: These are much easier to walk in than other heels of this height. I was simply not used to the heel shape (square) or the height (I usually wear flat boots). You just need to add some swagger (which these shoes easily do!). Oh, and these are still goooorgeous.

I feel like a dark summer princess. Staying out of the sun never felt so good.

Nina - Philadelphia
Say someone knocked over my mailbox. Say I knew today was the day my Gwynnes were to be delivered. Say I had been putting off restoring and reposting my mailbox for a few days now. Say today was the day I just *happened* to be outside, working on the mailbox. I mean, these are all hypotheticals, but then... The UPS man came, O Joy!

I'm one of those delayed gratification-type people, so I finished my dirty, sweaty work, took a shower, and changed before cutting open the box. O Boy, was it worth the wait. These are so very, very beautiful. Curvaceous, shiny sexiness. I'm usually a matte black leather kinda gal, but that conviction was thrown right out the window for these sweeties.

I ordered these in a size 7, and I'm usually a size 6.5/7 in my other life (these are my first Vogs! what a way to start). Walking in them takes a little modification of step, at least for me. But I'm 5'1", so proportions matter. For others, it may be a non-issue. I did notice a slight gap between the heel and the tap on the left shoe; seen from the side, I can see the hardware holding them together. It's a minor difference from the other shoe, but I may take it to the local cobbler at some point for a check-up, just in case. Not a big deal, as I have faith in the workmanship, considering all I've read over the past few weeks.

Key things that made this a great first experience with Fluevog: The insanely fast shipping (ordered Friday, got 'em Monday!), and more importantly, the Fluevogologists' customer service (shout-out to JF NY for fitting, and JF DC for the phone order). This is the stuff of dreams.
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