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John reminds us of the importance of sure footing when given to thoughtless and rash behaviour, which when indulged, can lead us to fantastic and life changing moments. The three buckled Haste Boots are clean and casual with a distinctive pointy-toe and last shape, that feature leather soles, stacked leather wedge heels, tunite heel lifts, and dusty Argentinian leathers that will wear into a gorgeous patina with age.

I'm not driven to rash behaviour, except when it comes to you. I'm afraid I'm inclined to throw it all away even for, however brief or long, walks in your presence.

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Jamie - Youngstown, OH
I love these boots :]
The only problem is that they are pretty narrow and make my feet sore, but that's partly because I have disgustingly wide feet. :-(

Grinning like I own the streets

TK - Toronto
And I do when I step out in these fabulous boots! I have a normal-width foot and normally wear size 7. Since getting the fit right is a bit tricky when ordering online I purchased a 7 1/2. I tried them with just a thin sheer sock and they were a tad too big until I put a regular shoe insert. With cotton tights they fit like a dream without the insert.
The top is not snug and gives the boot a really nice character. I got mine in brown and I find I can wear them equally well with a mini skirt, boot-cut jeans or leggings. The buckles are adjustable!
I've been getting lots of compliments on these and I can truly say that this is my favourite pair of Fluevogs so far. All those envious looks feel so good! ]:o)

Fluevog to the rescue

Debbie S - United States
Bet you didn't realize you were making a medical device here. I have 2 injuries: a sprained left ankle and a deeply bruised top-and-sides right foot. My doctor instructed me to wrap my left ankle and wear only stiff-soled shoes for my right foot (plus I needed something with a really soft top to not hurt the bruises. Try and find a pair of shoes which can accomodate all of the above.) I'd been eyeing these babies for a while and waffling. Finally, an excellent reason! You were out of my size, so bought them from endless (at a higher price, sob, but worth it). Endless was kind enough to overnight them to me (even though I expected regular delivery) so they arrived yesterday instead of Tuesday....and are absolutely perfect. Because the soles are brand new, they're stiff enough, and the tops are soooo soft and don't hurt the bruises. The adjustable straps allow for the wrapped left ankle. Perfect timing, because today I'm going to see the King Tut exhibiton with a friend who's an expert on Ancient Egypt art and history. With these, I will be able to go pain-free.
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