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Fluevog Shoes

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Although historians disagree on the actual location, it most likely existed somewhere in the narrow region at the southeast corner of the Caspian Sea, through which Alexander the Great once marched in the pursuit of Bessus, the self-proclaimed king of Persia. Alexander chased his enemy to a pass between two peaks in the Caucasus near the Caspian Sea, and with the aid of his men, was able to close the pass preventing the uncivilized barbarians from pillaging the peaceful southern lands.

Inspired by antique banking shoes, John drew up designs for a simple brogue with two-toned buttery Italian leathers*. Using 19th century traditional methods, the classic Caspian shoes feature leather soles, leather heel lifts, and a timeless almond toe shape with brogue detailing. Legend has it that on stormy winter nights, one can hear the ghost of Bessus clanging on the gates of the Netherworld, demanding the return of his kingdom.

*The black & off-white colourway features an aged, marbled-beige leather with slight irregularities, making each pair unique.

Found in: Casual, Shoes, Unisex, Flats


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aw damn!

Susan - Long Beacg, CA
...and not in a good way. These shoes are narrow! But I love the way they look! No, I wont be able to wear them outside or walk in them till they get stretched out and I add something to make them comfortable. Just walking around the house killed the soles of my feet. They dont feel well made.

Perfect fit!

Michelle Hinson - Nashville
I love these shoes! Right out of the box they fit perfectly, and in my usual Vog size. Even with my single-sided bunion, etc. I had to send back something too small (it was a fantastic sale, so I rolled the dice and lost) and then won when I lucked into a single pair of these in my size after peeping at them for weeks and my size not being available! Thanks so much for FANTASTIC customer service to Jamie and Sherry in Minneapolis and Shawn in Washington, DC. I've even got my fella who's never been a shoe guy, hooked on Fluevogs, and we both can't wait to visit the shop in San Francisco when we're visiting next month!


Megan - Halifax
I bought these shoes last week at the New York store and I've already worn them 3 times. They were a little stiff to begin with but I out on some of those blister guards made by Band-aid and they've been perfect. They've been called "Nucky" shoes (reference to Boardwalk Empire) and Nick Rhodes-esque. Both are compliments in my book. Love them!
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