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Many years ago, John found himself walking along the historic walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, and happened upon the stone portal Jaffa Gate. Also known as Gate of the Friend, John was inspired to draw up designs for a simple, military boot with gorgeous buttery Italian leathers. Using 19th century traditional methods, the lace-up Jaffa Boots featured leather soles, leather heel lifts, and a timeless almond toe shape.

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AmeWakame - Oakland
These boots fuckin rock. They're beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I've passed the combat boot phase of my life, but I like boots that combine class, functionality and still cater to that military aesthetic. Sort of. I mean except for the slick leather soles which require extra caution when navigating on bike, I could totally wear these beauties with a uniform and pass muster. Or to work, or school or the dance party.

As for fit, I am usually an 8.5, so I got them in my size and they felt strangely roomy inside. In any case got myself a pair of medium thick leather insoles from the boot repair, and my problem was solved. I have wider than average feet, not by much, but enough to make most shoes in my size bulge out on the side. So I'm glad fluevog makes shoes that make my feet look perfectly normal for a change. God I love these boots. Just as an aside, fluevog does amazing things with color. This medium brown is a very ruddy color that is very pleasing to look at in person. The photo does not do it justice.
Janet - Whitehorse, YT
What a lovely boot! I purchased these in red from the Gastown store in Vancouver. The woman who sold them to me was fabulous. I had rubber oversoles put on them to protect the original leather sole from the elements, and the saleswoman delivered them to the cobbler herself to have the work done. The boots were ready the very same day! These are a rather narrow boot, but they fit me in a size 9 (my non-Fluevog size is 8.5) and overall I'm very pleased with the craftsmanship. My only complaint is that my foot can feel the stitching that is between the insole and the actual sole. That said, I get tonnes of compliments about these boots and I always feel good when I wear them.
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