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Named after navigational cues to guide your path for smooth sailing, The Portside pumps were an extremely mathematical and geometric masterpiece from the fathoms of John's mind. Using a magnetic compass, chronometer, and a protractor, John drew up the architectural and mod Portside with square toe boxes, folded vamp panels, tapered platforms, and distinctive triangular 4" leather-wrapped heels. Featuring durable tunite soles with toothed rubber grips, buttery soft leathers in eye-catching colour combinations, The Portside would have been your beacon for pleasant voyages ahead. Stay the course.

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Watch out for Waterproofing!

Shannon B - Vancouver Island
Dreamy, dreamy heels. They have a fifties edge to them - look great with anything polka-dotted. I live in a very wet climate, so I went through my usual routine of shoe cream followed by a beeswax-based waterproofer (SnoSeal)...Badness ensued. Luckily I had tested the SnoSeal inside the heel, but the red immediately began to look awful - mottled grey areas. I switched to Tana All Protect for the heels...carefully sprayed a bit on, and DISASTER! The same effect. *-O

The black and the silver areas of the shoe were completely unaffected, but the red heels are definitely damaged. They aren't unwearable (probably the dark areas are not noticeable from above), but close-up there is an obvious difference. My grandmother used to say, quite correctly, "A blind man running for his life won't stop to look at that."

A note - the red is the exact same colour as my Attention Jolies, which also reacted badly to waterproofing. I have the red Prepare Volunteers, as well, which are a different leather and a different shade (a brighter, more orange red than the cherry used in the Jolie and Portside), and the Volunteers waterproofed beautifully with beeswax.

ASIDE from that, the shoes are wonderful. I bought a 10 because my usual 9.5 (8.5 in non-Vog) was sold out, so they are comfy out of the box. Once they stretch a bit I will add an insole.

Quick note regarding the heel: the bottom of the heel is quite a bit narrower than it looked (to me) in the photos. I'd say it's somewhere between 1/2 and 5/8".

killer heels

heel fan - toronto
Nicest shoes I've ever laid my eyes on! I just purchased these for the second time! Am I addicted? I got 2 portsides, one in the brown, and one I dyed all black, astern booties and the leewards, which are too nice to wear. Now I want the portsides with the red heels! Why not? Only $99.

Plaese John, bring back the portsides next season, just amazing. I have 8 fluevogs and 4 are the on course family.

Hot hot hot!

Maya - Seattle
These just arrived and they are amazing! I was having a bit of a blue morning and they instantly added zip and zest to my life. They are very tall but the shape is incredibly comfortable - they don't feel like high heels at all. They make my legs look amazing and I love them.

I typically wear a 10.5 in all 'Vogs although a 10 in other shoes. These fit true to that standard.
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