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Petrea and Ali from our New York store says:

Great fit in the foot bed and in the ankle. Some with more muscular calves can't quite get the zipper all the way up, but the leather is easy to stretch!

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Featuring a men's swing toe last, removable buckled harness, adjustable buckled straps, rubber soles, and 2" leather wrapped heels, The Luna is both equestrian and feminine, making it a solid winter boot for ladies that will allow you to weather the elements effortlessly while looking downright sexy. Combining the design elements of The Adrian Family with full grain Atlas leathers from The Radios that crease and patina, The Luna boots will look great with age. Drawn as a F-Sole Bondgirl Boot meets The Adrian Heidi Boot with high heels, The Luna is named after our favourite down-to-earth sister who studies Chinese Medicine. A thankful person is a happy person.

Approximate Calf Circumference: Size 6-7 (15"), Size 8-9 (15") and Size 10-11 (15") Approximate Boot Shaft Height: Size 6-7 (14"), Size 8-9 (14.5") and Size 10-11 (16") 

Instagram @fluevog #vog_luna

Found in: Casual, Boots, Heels, Womens


Fits Small Fits Large
Narrow Wide
Narrow Calf Wide Calf

Petrea and Ali from our New York store says:

Great fit in the foot bed and in the ankle. Some with more muscular calves can't quite get the zipper all the way up, but the leather is easy to stretch!


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So good

Rainy - Vancouver
These are perfect, absolutely perfect. I got the brown ones, size 7, and they fit true to size. They're stiff - but that's because they are good quality leather, not cheap and flimsy. They nip in deliciously at the ankle, which is what I have spent my life looking for in leather boots! And they are tight in the calf, no gap, which is absolutely divine. The leather has a gorgeous patina to it, so these boots can rough up a pretty skirt or dress and give your look an edge. The distressed leather also makes it possible to wear these boots without your heart breaking if they get a little scuff. It just adds to the appeal.

I have skinny chicken legs, so I had no trouble getting the zippers up, but I can imagine that they are a bit of a struggle for those with more muscular calves. Nevertheless, I say it's worth it. I have owned a stupid number of leather boots that gap at the calf (and ankle) and they just don't look right. These look *fitted* and just plain awesome. The leather strap is removable, which I also like. With the strap, they look a bit rougher. WIthout, the silhouette is more streamlined and delicate. Both a great looks. These are just fantastic. Thank you!


Carol - Phoenix
Yes, I ordered these under the influence of friends and alcohol, but this is one action that did not leave me cringing in hot shame the next day. The boots arrived this afternoon. The purple is even better in person. I am a true size 8 with a narrow foot and I sized up to 8.5. I'm glad I did; the 8's would have been too small. As they are, they fit like a gorgeous purple glove. The leather is beautiful and will only grow better looking with age. One review talked of cheap plastic buckles. Mine have nice metal ones, that can easily be removed for a different look. There is also a small buckle at the top that can give you a little more calf room. I have smaller calves, so I love how these fit tightly and don 't slouch at the ankles. Love these.

So very happy right now(≧∇≦)

Linda - Melbourne
I've been coveting these boots for such a long time, never sure about spending so much for an online purchase when you're not sure about shoe sizing. Especially with my calves!! You feel me ladies, right!?!
Anyhoo...after diligently scouring through the reviews and using the excuse of my birthday, I bit the bullet, measured my meaty calves to make sure I was in the sizing zone and bought them.
They arrived this morning in the Land of Oz where I'm from (yep, Australia). My purple lovelies! I greedily snatched them from the delivery man, bolted upstairs and ripped the box to shreds to get them out and get them on. And then the real work began.
Here I was worried about the calves fitting...the effort it took to get my left foot into the footbed was a complete workout.
There was worry. There was nail biting. There was some hopping up and down my hallway. There was a lot of swearing. Time passed. Lots of time. But I was not giving up. And after praying to all the Gods, I got it in. Hallelujah! Then I looked at my right foot (Cue more swearing). However that one slipped in like a dream. Go figure, right!
I'm so happy. They're surprisingly comfortable after all the initial fit issues. I did size up by half a size. I'm an 11, so there was only the 11.5 available and it was absolutely necessary.
For anyone debating about the purchase...don't. Buy them. No remorse. Life's too short. Enjoy ladies.
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