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Etta Place

Women's (US)
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Named after the educated, sureshot companion and romantic counterpart to the infamous Sundance Kid, Etta Place still remains one of the greatest mysteries surrounding the last days of the Wild West. Along with Butch Cassidy, Etta Place and Sundance Kid were all known together as the Wild Bunch, robbing banks across the US before escaping authorities to Argentina. Etta Place became the first woman rancher in Argentina to own a large amount of land, where it seemed she and Sundance would finally settle down. After a few years, the legendary Pinkerton Detectives caught up with them, but before they could arrest them the local authorities tipped off the Wild Gang who then disappeared into Chile. Etta was seen a few years later in SF, and in NYC, but then returned to Argentina after Sundance's death in a Bolivian bank shootout. Although Etta was never seen again, there are rumours she settled down in Oregon, New Jersey, or married into great wealth in Paraguay. Wherever she rests now, we salute her tenacity to not only handle the greatest and most tumultuous romance of the Wild West, but to have the ability to completely evade the law as the 'Most Wanted Woman of the 19th century.'

Using soft leathers in high contrast colours, with perforated patterns of overlaid pieces that are then hand finished, The Etta Place captures a wild and wanted appearance. Satin laces, a 2.5" Fellowship-hi heel and a tunite Bellevue sole steady this sexy slingback to be sure your aim is true. Keep pushing west and beyond your imagination.

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Found in: Heels, Womens


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Etta Place
Etta Place
Etta Place
Etta Place

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