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Brandenburg Light

Classic Capped Toe Brogue Shoe

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Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:

Because the Brandenburgs have a tapered toe, most people size up a half size for the best fit (especially in the women's sizes).

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A subtle banker's shoe with a trimmed leather sole, The Brandenburg Light is the unisexy shoe for those seeking to be victorious on the battlefield of bowling alley board meetings and boardwalk barbeques. Produced in our favourite Vietnamese factory, owned by Japanese shoe-makers, who were trained in England using 19th century traditional methods, the Gateway Family as a whole are some of the most classically fabricated shoes we have made in recent years. Featuring Italian leathers and suedes in casual colours that glow of cocktail antiquity, with a classic capped toe pattern, the unlined Brandenburg Light ensures you walk home with your head held high (and hopefully all three points).

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*Leather soles can be slippery at first, and should not be worn in heavy wet weather, or on salted sidewalks as they may compromise the strength and structure of the sole. Many buyers choose to topy leather soles to remedy this.

Watch the production of The Gateway Brandenburg!

Found in: Shoes, Womens, Mens, Unisex


Fits Small Fits Large
Narrow Wide

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:

Because the Brandenburgs have a tapered toe, most people size up a half size for the best fit (especially in the women's sizes).


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Branden Stunning Burg Lights in Shiny Teal - Shine Baby

Fenton - Auckland
I am in love, shoes are life, life is shoes...

I went with a U.S. Size 11, on the tight side to begin with, has come good, but it has taken some time and bloodshed. Was it worth it? dam straight it was....

I never not get a comment when wearing these stunners. Shoes makith the man...

Being in New Zealand and having the service from the LA Fluevog shop, the future is very bright for myself and Fluevog Shoes....

walking on air

lulu - ireland
These soles are like walking on air. I'm not sure why, but the walking experience is very light and very comfortable.
Sizing: well...Given that I have long toes, and the shoes taper, and that patent leather doesn't stretch, and all the advice about sizing even larger, I got a half size larger than I usually do, from 11 to 11.5. They're too big. I had to put in an extra insole to take up more space. So, careful. They make big feet look even bigger, sadly, though I think the glorious pink shine of the patent leather deflects all uncharitable thoughts.
The tops of the shoes, where the leather from the caps and the lacing part is sewn in also rubs a bit; blood was drawn. But surely that will stretch too with time. Right?
All the niggles aside, though, they are very comfortable to wear, and, perhaps more importantly, they put a jive in my step.

Literally my favorite pair of shoes (and I have quite a few)

Deborah - Portland
I got the shoe called "shiny teal." These are the most beautiful shade of turquoise/teal that you can find. They are absolutely gorgeous. I can't stop staring at them. The photos on the Fluevog website don't do them justice. They are much brighter and richer than the photos show.

If, like me, you wear a women's size smaller than a size 9 and want these, they currently (April 2015) have them on Amazon. I was SO happy, because I really wanted these shoes, and they only start at size 9 for women on (what's the dealio with that, John Fluevog?). If you're a woman who wears a size smaller than a 9, get them while you can at Amazon.

Regarding the fit, they aren't narrow through the heel or across the arch, but right at the toes, where the cap starts, they become really narrow really fast. I read another review where the reviewer said she has narrow feet and went 1/2 size up, but I have wide toes, so I went a full size up, and I don't regret it. I will say I have a space the width of my thumb between my big toe and the end, but looking at the shoes, I am sure my toes would have been squeezed if they were any closer to the end. Therefore, if you have narrow feet, go 1/2 size up, but if you have wide toes and a high arch like I do, consider going up one full size.

My favorite shoes ever.
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Brandenburg Light
Brandenburg Light
Brandenburg Light
Brandenburg Light

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