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Hi Wedge


Sorry, this style has been discontinued!

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Just like a bowl of spicy mushroom ramen, and a grandma knitted afghan, the high wedged lace-up Dawn enveloped you in warmth and comfort to soothe your sole. A futuristic design with modernist inclinations, The Dawn was a casual wedge utilizing naturally soft, matte veg-tanned nubuck suedes with a slightly oiled surface, decorative old gold studs, natural crepe soles, and a leather wrapped 4" wedge heel. Embrace the Dawn!

Found in: Heels, Womens


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Trish - Canada
I wore these for a three day trip...on the the name it..for the entire three days. They only started rubbing at the end of day 2, and then it quickly went away. The leather is soooooo amazingly soft and so comfortable. I got these full price, and am tempted to get the black ones with the amazing price on now...
Cynthia - Toronto
I was so ecstatic when I purchased these shoes. I received many compliments when wearing them, but the thing is the design of the insoles of these shoes is terrible! The glue for the insoles melted as I wore them and the insoles slide down the shoes and bunched up near my toes. The combination of the melting glue and bunched up insole ended up ripping part of the skin off both my feet. Luckily it was still under the Fluevog warranty, so I got it re-glued...but I'm skeptical on how long the glue will last this time. Usually, Fluevog provides great quality and design, but this shoe just doesn't cut it.

Flawed and heart-breaking

Jess - Pdx
I was so excited to get these shoes on sale. They were my thirteenth pair of Fluevogs - I have been a very happy Vogger for a decade, and always vocal about how great the company is. I have generated a huge amount of business for Fluevog.

Sadly, these shoes fell apart on first wearing. The lining detached and bunched up in the toe of the shoe, and the crepe sole came off in the back - on BOTH SHOES. For the first time ever, I had to return a pair of Fluevogs.

Since this is clearly a design flaw, rather than a defect (as it happened on both shoes exactly the same way) I requested my money back. And discovered, much to my surprise, that Fluevog has a policy to NEVER give a refund. No matter how badly their shoes perform, their policy is to repair them. I did not want a repaired pair of failed shoes. I wanted to pick out something that would last, as my other pairs have lasted. I was denied.

I do have a credit now for the price of the shoes - and it was made clear to me that this was a HUGE favor. I told Crystal (the manager at the Portland store) that I was terribly sad about the whole thing, because I really can't support a company that doesn't guarantee their product. I told her we were breaking up, after a very long and happy relationship. She was not concerned in the least. I do not know whether I will even use the credit. The entire situation left me sour.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I don't know what happened to the company that earned my loyalty with such gorgeous design AND sturdy comfort. I'm actually grieving. Thanks for the good times... good luck, Fluevog.
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