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BBC: Women’s

Women's (US)
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Heather & Kailey & Tara from our Toronto (Queen St) store says:

True to size, soft leather that shapes to foot over time.

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The 6 eye lace-up BBC is John's updated version of the 1920's working boot -- and while the BBC is not an actual work boot, it is one of the classic styles that is always at the top of any fashionista's lists. Using soft suede or tough Atlas leathers, the BBC will be the year-round accessory that will complete any rough & ready outfit you might have planned. Featuring a teal/royal blue splash at the tag, an upturned toe, a wide footbed on a Women's last, and a tunite heel & sole, the BBC is the new classic hit from your favourite trusted shoe designer. Tune in, Turn on, and Vog out!

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Found in: Casual, Boots, Womens, Flats


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Heather & Kailey & Tara from our Toronto (Queen St) store says:

True to size, soft leather that shapes to foot over time.


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So comfy!

Tina-marie - North Vancouver, B.C.
I already owned these in the brown/camo combination. I decided that I had to own the black! I can walk miles in these and they are perfect for work. They also have brown and black laces which changes up the look. They are true to size. My only complaint is that I have to loosen the laces up to get them on and off. Other than that, they are worth every penney!

There are 2 versions of the BBC

I just got mine yesterday, and I already love it so much: the aesthetic, the quality, and comfort. But that's not what this "review" is about. I bought mine in store, and the sales person told me there are (or will be at least) 2 versions of the BBC going forward. One is the one pictured here, with the thick leather made to be broken in over a long period of time. The other version will be made with thin, soft suede and a thicker, more rugged sole. It will also be made in a different factory. But don't worry! He assured me that this version won't be discontinued, since it's fluvog's bread and butter.


tanja - San Francisco
hi. i haven't worn almost any other shoes but these for the past 7 years. they felt like a second sock. it didn't matter if i was in nature, daily commute or present on stage, giving an edge to a dress. have them in black and brown, and keep every pair of them, regardless how old and maybe not wearable anymore. My heart was broken after i bought my latest pair, two months ago. The shoes changed in all possible ways: both look, feel and quality. (i went back to the shop thinking maybe this is wrongly made pair to be explained that Fluevog changed the making facility). Theis pair sadly has little to do with the previous models. The leather is supposed to be the same, but it isn't. Both the color is different and sadly after only 5-6 days, they became loose and soggy. I have thin ankles, and one of the reasons i loved these boots was that they fit my think legs so remarkably well. the new model is wider exactly in that area that was making them so sexy and fitting. all together wider in all aspects, loosing the elegance and fit. The interior blue material is also different - its not smooth and doesnt let the sock slide in easily when putting the boots on. it rubs on the socks and makes holes in the socks after few times of wearing. I don't write this to hurt Fluevog, on the contrary. i dont want ANY other shoes in life. BuT i beg, please to revert to the look and quality of the previous version. and in the meantime, i would recommend changing the photos of the boots on this web site, as they do not correspond to the look of the new version. Looking forward this feedback to be taken in consideration. thank you for making great stuff and always great customer experience in the shops
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BBC: Women’s
BBC: Women’s
BBC: Women’s
BBC: Women’s

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