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BBC: Women’s

Women's (US)
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The Fit Expert

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Narrow Calf Wide Calf

Heather & Kailey & Tara from our Toronto (Queen St) store says:

True to size, soft leather that shapes to foot over time.

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The 6 eye lace-up BBC is John's updated version of the 1920's working boot -- and while the BBC is not an actual work boot, it is one of the classic styles that is always at the top of any fashionista's lists. Using soft suede or tough Atlas leathers, the BBC will be the year-round accessory that will complete any rough & ready outfit you might have planned. Featuring a teal/royal blue splash at the tag, an upturned toe, a wide footbed on a Women's last, and a tunite heel & sole, the BBC is the new classic hit from your favourite trusted shoe designer. Tune in, Turn on, and Vog out!

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Found in: Casual, Boots, Womens, Flats


Fits Small Fits Large
Narrow Wide
Narrow Calf Wide Calf

Heather & Kailey & Tara from our Toronto (Queen St) store says:

True to size, soft leather that shapes to foot over time.


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Squeaky shoes

Deb - Winnipeg
I had the same problem with a pair of Birkenstock clogs. I went to see a shoe guy and he suggested mink oil. It really works and will make you love your boots again. Talk to the cobbler though first about applying instructions.

Super Squeaky!!!

I love my BBCs. They are beautiful...but they squeak with absolutely every step. Loud, obnoxious..."here she comes" squeak, squeak, Sqeeeeeeeeak. I have been "breaking them in" for over a year and the squeak just keeps getting louder. I hardly wear them because I work in a classroom where I have to walk around to help kids constantly and the squeaking is soooo distracting. Very sad for expensive boots. Very, very sad. Great for concerts though!

Love at first sight that turned sour three months later

cora - Canada
When I first saw these shoes, I knew they are what I am looking for. Beautiful old-school design with crazy blue leather inside. Simple seams and no complications. Unfortunately though I have to say that these shoes are truly a disappointment craftsmanship wise!
First of all there sizing is truly awkward. I always wear a 7.5 yet somehow the right length of shoes for me with Fluevog's BBC is 6.5. The only thing that is truly a problem about that is that though the sizing of the length can fit they do become narrower with the smaller size. While in the store I was told , do not worry they will give in, it;s better to buy the tighter fit as they will stretch and possibly become to loose. Well I bought these shoes three months ago and they are still super tight around the toe seam! They advertise them as medium narrowness yet believe you me they are not! They are indeed a narrow fit! THE BIGGEST disappointment though is that after three months of wearing them i already have to change their heels and front sole rubber. This is what I was advised to do when I took them back to the store. I was told that you must change the soles as they are already worn into the under-sole. ! Seriously? Three months of wear and I already have to pay to change the soles? I have always bought real cuio leather shoes and NEVER been in this situation!! I am confident that the 275 $ plus tax is not for the craftsmanship of these shoes but for their name ! I wish i could take them back!
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BBC: Women’s
BBC: Women’s
BBC: Women’s
BBC: Women’s

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