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Aaron from our Calgary store says:

They fit true to size but narrower than most men's shoes.


An iconic Fluevog line from the 80s, popularized by its distinctive pointed toe shape, The Swordfish has been re-imagined by John into this killer boot. Using tough, glossy patent leathers, tunite soles, decorative zippers, it's no wonder The Swordfish are cherished and collected by rockstars everywhere. Named in honour and memory of one of Rock'n'Roll's seminal shredders, The Buxton guarantees school's out forever! Stay Sharp!

Instagram @fluevog #vog_buxton

Found in: Boots, Mens, Flats


Fits Small Fits Large
Narrow Wide

Aaron from our Calgary store says:

They fit true to size but narrower than most men's shoes.


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Great stylish eye-catching boot!

Ed - Washington DC
I love Fluevog and own many of their shoes/boots. Too many to count. I was originally in search of a pair of black boots, but came across these online, and was hooked. The boots are definitely edgy (comments I've received: "Star Trekky", "outer space", "alien"). I love that they pass for black boots, but have that oh-so subtle hint of blue tint to it. And of course the design of the boots are just eye-catching. Great with business casual and jeans for a night out. If you're daring you could pull them off with a suit. Some comments: I'm a size 9.5 and got size 10 (I think they're only available in whole sizes) which was a good move especially since the tips of the boots are narrow. Despite having these for a couple of months, the leather is stiff, but slowly breaking in. They are challenging to slide on to your feet. I just force them on, but should probably should use a shoe horn. Another recommendation - wear thick socks and not dress socks. Because of the stiffness of the leather, the boot tends to chafe my ankles when wearing dress socks. This is definitely a "fashion over function" type of boot.

First Alice Coopers Boots/Shoes,..Now The Rest Of The Bands???LOL

"James" Dean Halaj-Yes actually named after Jimmy.. - Malton/Toronto
So here's my 3RD SWORDFISHIE revue(see SWORDFISH COOPER's & BUXTON's).Well the WONDERFUL FLUEVOGIANS at the Toronto Queen St. store have worked their suductive shoe sales magic on this poor 'sole' once again lol.Hey how can any red blooded Canuck man ever say no to such refined,hot classy ladies? Ya I had no chance lol.So the collection is growing.And by no means am I just yet on easy street folks.Just love the shoes and find a way to "slowly" bring em home K? Haha.So this is the list:O.G. 1991 BLACK ALICE COOPER "HEY STOOPID" cowboy SWORDFISH boots.Then I got the reissue "WORN LOOK" SWORDFISH COOPER's as my first big treat in my "new" life.Then Miss Heather "hooked" me a pair of the ADRIATIC BLUE BUXTON's.Ouch!So I figured I got the blue copcar and blue boots; so had to get the BURGUNDY'
s to match my burgundy copcar LOL.In the mean time,'reeled in' a pair of WHITE 1989 SWORDFISH motorcycle boots from da ebay lol.Since then I visited those gorgious gals at the Queen store and found out Uncle Alice came in a week b4 me and bought some others!AAAAAHHHHH!What is this a contest Al?Come on my bank account ain't just yet as big as yours."GIVE THE KID A BREAK!(ALICE SONG)".Now I have no less than 4 more pairs on the "fishbucket list".Ya I know.I have a problem and the first step to a cure is..BUYINMORESWORDFISHIES!No,no I mean, admittin I have...SWORDFISHIES!!Nono! Come on now get ahold of yo...SWORDFISHIES!IHAVESWORDFISHIES!!!!AND I LUV EM!!!HAHAHAHAHA! They're mine, ALL MINE!I won't let anyone get ma SWORDFISHIES!...Heather? I think I need help.Is there a 12 step program for SWORDFISH addiction? :D XD :P :)

Luv my mouse stompers!

John K. - Minneapolis
So admittedly these are my favourite pair of Vogs. I have high arches so they're work to get into. I've considered cutting off part of my heel or losing a toe but a shoe horn does just fine. Always get looks and a compliment with these.
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