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Guardian Angel


Lace-Up Leather Boot

Men's (US)
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Chad, Tamara & Thomas from our Vancouver (Gastown) store says:

The Ronald is an easy fit – fits true to size.

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For more than 20 years, John's revolutionary and 100% biodegradable Angel Sole has been walking the Earth, saving customers from Evil. John updates the classic combat boot pairing it with a thick Angel sole and heel for maximum impact. Made in Vietnam with partial blake construction and durable leathers, The Ronald is tough, but classy. Watch out Satan!

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Fits Small Fits Large
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Chad, Tamara & Thomas from our Vancouver (Gastown) store says:

The Ronald is an easy fit – fits true to size.


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Fantastic - new gold standard.

First pair of Fluevogs, and I love them. Wore them on and off for a few months after purchase and really got to like them. Had a bit of a sledding accident and absolutely destroyed my ankle. Once I was able to wear shoes again, these were the only ones I could tolerate for any length of time. Tall lace up gave amazing support, soft leather felt great on all of the newly-healed bone (and associated metal bits). I've worn them nearly every day since then. Walked around the Magic Kingdom for a full 12 hours with almost no fatigue. Seriously comfortable boots. Soles did begin to come off at the toes shortly after purchase which was disappointing, but a light application of Shoe Goo took care of that.

Keep them clean and polished, give them a rest once in a while, and they look to last for years. I'd buy another pair if they were available.
John Fluevog Shoes
Thanks for your comment and love for The Ronald! John and the design team would like to especially thank you and previous reviewers for the valuable feedback. They were able to take all of it into account in designing the current (Fall/Winter '15), updated version of The Ronald, which now features a thicker, more durable Angel sole better suited to stand the test of time.

Beautiful shoes

These are beautiful shoes, and should be appreciated as such. I recommend buying a pair and placing them on display, but never wear them. My sole started delaminating within a month, wearing them only a couple times a week.

Compared to some Fluevog boots I bought in the early 2000's, that still haven't worn out the sole yet, it was a pretty disappointing purchase. Luckily superglue is cheap, so I'll fix them every month until I can save up a few hundred dollars to replace them. Doesn't Alden make a durable product?

In general Fluevog durability has gone down quite a bit compared to ten years ago. I bought the Ernest bag for $500 and it started losing rivets within a couple months. Very good looking products that you shouldn't expect to use.

Love them but they're worth a pair of second hand clarks

stefano - United Kingdom
perfect fit,they look good but even with a non daily usage the sole is gone in less than a month
my grandad would have slapped Mr Fluevog in the face he used to wear shoes lasting years and soles as strong as rocks but other times and italian shoes made locally at a quarter of the price ,i'm disappointed
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