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Guardian Angel


Lace-Up Leather Boot

Men's (US)
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Chad, Tamara & Thomas from our Vancouver (Gastown) store says:

The Ronald is an easy fit – fits true to size.

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For more than 20 years, John's revolutionary and 100% biodegradable Angel Sole has been walking the Earth, saving customers from Evil. John updates the classic combat boot pairing it with a thick Angel sole and heel for maximum impact. Made in Vietnam with partial blake construction and durable leathers, The Ronald is tough, but classy. Watch out Satan!

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Fits Small Fits Large
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Chad, Tamara & Thomas from our Vancouver (Gastown) store says:

The Ronald is an easy fit – fits true to size.


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Really like these - but, things you may want to know...

Digby - calgary
I have owned a lot of Vogs and love all of them. These are great boots but, a couple things to note. 1. I always order the same size and it always works for me however, my Ronalds are boots are MUCH narrower than my other Vogs such as the Derby or Supervogs. I hope they will stretch. 2. I thought the photos made the boots look military-ish but, in my humble opinion, these are quite feminine looking. People think I am wearing Roper cowboy boots which isn't really the look I was going for. Hey, I live in Calgary but I think the Stampede is just embarrassing so I don't want anyone thinking that I am trying to look like a cowboy. The boots are great quality and if you are good with: narrow-for-a-vog and a tad femmy, then you will love them.

Excellent boots!

Geordie - San Francisco
I bought these boots to wear while riding my Vespa around San Francisco. The soles have great traction and absorption. The leather is quite thick. The boots are very comfortable and did not need any break in time at all.

I really like them a lot. I tend to wear them with my pants tucked in, but they look great either way. I always get compliments on them. They look great on and off the bike.

I expect to enjoy these boots a long time, like my other Fluevog boots. I got these in brown with the excellent dark fade and I'm planning on getting the black in crinkle leather, that's how good these boots are.

And now I'm addicted

Sean Melom - Minneapolis, MN
There are crap boots, there are good boots, there are great boots,
And then there are Ronalds.

I've worn bates combat boots for years, preferring the durable versatility to fashion. But when I decided I wanted something with more style but still combat bootish I found that there wasen't much out there that wasn't just a hiking boot. Until my wife suggested Fluevog. I went to the store to look at the Jose boots, but found the Ronald instead.
These are simply the best boot I have ever worn. Ever. Really, ever.

It's been a year now. My Ronalds' have been worn roughly 300 of those 365 days. And although I am phenomenally abusive to my boots, they still look fantastic (albeit worn). I remember the sticker shock when I first turned the boots over in the store and looked at the price tag. I still wince when I think of what these boots cost.

Today I stopped back at the Fluevog store. I've decided that the only way to preserve my Ronald boots is to buy another pair of Fluevog boots.

Maybe a pair of Nathans, they look comfy.
John Fluevog
Great taste in footwear and you won't be disappointed with the Nathans either! Similar sole, and sleek upper leather will have you wearing this boot just as much as the Ronalds.
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