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The Fit Expert

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Heather & Kailey & Tara from our Toronto (Queen St) store says:

The super soft leather is great for average & wider fit.

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An iconic Fluevog line from the 1980s, popularized by its distinctive pointed toe shape, The Swordfish has been reimagined by John for rockstars everywhere. Inspired by a Swordfish sole request from Alice, this extremely dangerous shoe arrives in rich black or dusty grey leathers, and features a half zipper detailing design. (No marine wildlife were harmed in the creation of this shoe.) Stay Sharp!

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Found in: Specialty, Shoes, Mens


Fits Small Fits Large
Narrow Wide

Heather & Kailey & Tara from our Toronto (Queen St) store says:

The super soft leather is great for average & wider fit.


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Une qualité Exceptionnelle

FAGES - France
Bonjour, j'ai commandé ses chaussures, et même si l'envoie est un peu long jusqu'en France, le résultat est sans appel... MAGNIFIQUE. je n'ai pas pu les mettre lors de la réception, entre temps, je me suis cassé le pied.
Mais je peux vous dire, maintenant, qu'elles sont agréable à mettre, de très bonnes qualité. Elles demandent de l'entretient, et c'est bien normal.
Le service est remarquable, en anglais certes, mais au moins, on n'a pas de doute à avoir si oui ou non on à pris la bonne taille.


Fit Expert... Not So Much

Donald - San Diego
These kicks have the same "wide" denotation as my pair of James, but come nowhere near accommodating my admittedly neanderthal-esque feet the way my James or Supervogs do. So, sadly and with a gentle dirge playing in the background, they are getting shipped back across the country to New York. Bummer.

Warning – the description is lacking and they stink

D. Daniel - Tempe
While these Coopers are a great shoe the description is lacking detail and leave you expecting something different. These are a painted shoe and not a dyed leather and the zippers are not silver but have a dark patina on the metal. When I opened the box I was shocked and later had to check the website to verify that I had received the correct shoe. If you enlarge the photo you can faintly see the evidence of the painting. I was also hit by the overpowering VOCs when I opened the box, and I do mean VOLATILE. The shoes smell so strong from the paint treatment that I could barely try them on to verify fit before I had to box them up and get them out of the house (the fit great and are very comfortable). Currently my Coopers are banished to the garage for an undetermined amount of time to gas off before I am able to be around them let alone wear them. Super cool shoes, too bad they need to detox before they can be enjoyed.
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