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Libby Smith

Women's (US)
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Shea from our Calgary store says:

The Libby Smith fits very true to size.


The Libby Smith is a mid-calf Bellevue boot that made no bones about being above all things, adorable. Using soft dusty leathers with faux-spats & buttons on a 2.5" Fellowship-hi heel and tunite Bellevue sole, this zipped calf-high boot was sure to get you through the day in one piece. Keep pushing west and beyond your imagination.



Fits Small Fits Large
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Shea from our Calgary store says:

The Libby Smith fits very true to size.


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Emily - Tennessee
I would just like to start this review off by saying that I am a size 11. I bought the shoes off of the community forum page and there they were listed it at 11.5 size. I had the seller measure the calf section to make sure that they fit and it seem like they would. I had no idea that it would run so small once I got them in person.

The associate referenced under the "fit" section on this page said that it fit true to size. Either they had tried one size and it worked or they were thinking of a different type of shoe... or the quality of sizing it varies so heavily throughout all shoe families by this company. Who knows...

The right shoe I can get on but only with uncomfortable force (and then have my heel feel like it's in a vice). even then I was not able to get it to zip up more than an inch on the zipper!

The left shoe for some reason I could not fit into at all no matter how much I forced it.

Before buying the shoes off of the community page I did extensive research on the actual review page here to get an idea on the sizing. I read all of the members feedback and thought for certain that half-size up from my normal size 11 would be the perfect fit or heck at least be close!

Now I see from googling how Fluevog shoes apparently need to be resized quite frequently that this and the all-over-the-place-sizing is commonplace for this brand. I know that leather can stretch but I don't think that would be even remotely possible to stretch these as I would need at least an extra 2 inches in some places. This shouldn't be a case was such an expensive brand.

It's a shame... because it was really looking forward to the shoes... And now I have to find a way to resell them (as I cannot return them).

As a very tall woman it is hard to find attractive shoes that go past a size 10 that actually fit. I thought that Fluevog was the answer to my prayers but for these shoes to fit is need a size 13 or 14 for women if the sizes are so off, which they do not even make past a 12?

Never again... :/


Mona - Grande Prairie
These are fantastic boots. I would like to caution those with a wider foot however. I ordered 1/2 a size up in this particular shoe family and the fit is great.

Love these boots!

Catherine - United States
I bought the grey and burgundy. I love them, and they fit true-to-size...but every time I put them on, I can't get the zipper up the last inch until I've been wearing them a while. I don't have huge calves: 14.5" at the widest. They are totally comfy and I love their steampunk style. I'm hoping that eventually they stretch just enough to zip all the way when I first put them on though.
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Libby Smith Grey & Burgundy
Libby Smith Grey & Burgundy
Libby Smith Grey & Burgundy
Libby Smith Grey & Burgundy

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