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This wing tip shoe is for all occasions. A three eyelet lace up with contrasting top-stitch and brogue details fits comfortably between everyday and all night. Original Angelic Sole, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Resoleable. Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.

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Colour coordindation awesome

Philip Saunders - Canada
The Black wing tips and the ox blood/red upper is a fantastic mix. The soul did not work for me...if you could change the soul and make the colour the same, I'd buy three pairs. Best shoes I've ever owned and I wish I had bought three pairs at the time. I notice you still carry them, but again. A different soul, I'd buy loved those shoes, the wearing was off because of the elevated soul and a such died too early.

Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue, Satan... and High-Speed Impacts! (Sort of)

T M - Texas
I've wanted Fluevogs for years. A committed barefooter, they were the only fancy shoes I'd ever consider. I finally bought them about a month ago, and got to wear them all of a dozen times. Tons of compliments, great for all-day lab work. I got size 7s, and they fit tight at first, but became smooth as butter and never did me any harm in the breaking-in process. Broke in in about two days.

Then I was t-boned. The entire passenger side crunched. Door gone, passenger seat crumpled, glovebox crunched into what remained of the door and the seat. My only passenger was the pair of coveted 'Vogs in the front seat...and they were firmly entrenched in the mass of plastic and metal.

The other car leaked fluids onto them, and they're a little warped- not quite as comfortable or beautiful as they were yesterday- but they survived.

So did I. It's just a pair of shoes... but it made a bad day just a little bit better.

(Also, since they're the departing Black & Whites and were the last in my size, I'm real glad they made it.)

Best Shoes in the Universe!

KathyD - Dallas
I saw a colleague wearing the Angel Supervog Blues... Love at first sight! I ordered a pair of the Angel Michael black and white wing-tips, got them a few days later and have worn them to work every day since then - MEGA compliments, and on a personal level they are so very comfortable; my days are often 10-14 hours, most of that time standing (retail) and my feet are so happy at the end of each day!
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