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Guardian Angel


Men's (US)
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John took a traditional Chelsea boot and made it his own, creating durability and natural Fluevogivity (yes, it's a word) in the Guardian Angel Nathan. The Guardian Angel sole is biodegradable and made with 100% natural latex, harvested from the Hevea Tree. The boots are made in a wonderful Vietnamese factory using with soft, tonal Italian leather, subtle pinking details, and elastic that handsomely references tweed fabric; all combining to complete a sophisticated and durable Fluevog look. These angels are still singing the same, classic, signature tune, "Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue, and Satan" (and will be for years to come).

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All in all, disappointing.

Cat - Vancouver
After my boyfriend walked his existing shoes to dust, I dragged him into the Gastown location because I'm a Vog addict and addictions are fun to share. He tried on several pairs and settled on the Nathans in black.
Within a month and a half, the soles were peeling. He wore them for another couple months until the rainy season arrived and he subsequently was getting sopping wet feet, so they got shelved for a month or two. We took them back into the store and spoke with a sales associate who said they needed to be resoled and offered two options: a) resole with the Guardian Angel sole for around $70-80 or b) resole with the standard thicker rubble Angel sole for around $130. We went with the latter and were told 2 weeks. He called and they weren't ready; I believe all in all it took around 5 weeks. He hasn't gotten around to wearing them much since their return so time will tell if the Angel soles last better.

I apparently didn't learn any lesson at all from this as I recently purchased him the Guardian Angel Ronalds as a gift. At least if the soles on those die, they were on sale.. And I'll be taking them to a local cobbler instead.

Things of note:
-His regular true size is 9, he went with a 9 but should've gone with a 9.5 (As is, snug but manageable. Extra room would be nice for an insert)
-He'd had the boots around 6 months when bringing them in for repairs so it should've been covered by warranty. We didn't know about the warranty at the time and the sales associate didn't mention it. Remember the 8 month warranty and bring it up to your sales associate.
-You may be better off bringing them into a local reliable cobbler instead if past warranty.
-He hasn't had any issues with the pull tabs so could be some are worse than others.
-Nice looking Chelsea boots that ride that awesome, flexible line between dressy and casual.

Nathan Nathan Bo Bathan

I love my green Nathans. I've had no problems with my soles. I understand Fluevog is doing away with Natural Latex soles because of sole separation issues.

Those folks tried to be green and Earth friendly and disappointed some of it's inhabitants in doing so.

Sole Crushing Return

E.J. - Los Angeles
First, let me say I love everything about these shoes... EXCEPT the Soles! These are the first pair of Fluevogs that I've ever purchased that didn't feel indestructible and solid. When I walk each step is mushy and unsure. Why were these shoes made with practically NO Soles???!!! And I paid full price for these because I had to have the new Green Color. Mind you, this is After returning the Newells (Green) because of their inability to be Unisex. So I'm returning them today (a tearful goodbye) because I just don't have the confidence these won't fall apart on me, especially the soles. And who wants to keep driving back and forth to the Fluevog store hoping they fixed it This time? Maybe I'll buy these again on Sale or upgraded next year. sigh..
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