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Maggie was a reinvention of the famous Bond Girl style. Like that best selling knee-high boot, The Maggie was ready for anything you asked of it. Everything about the boot was tough: they were solidly made from thick Eurotexas leather in Portugal and finished with an oversized metal zipper. Designed and constructed on a durable F-sole, this knee high boot was beautiful and tough; kind of like the Bond Girls (coincidence?). Maggie melted the hearts of even the most jaded of secret agents.


Found in: Boots, Womens


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Could've gone with a 6.5

Janine - Penticton, BC
Love these beauties! I wear a size 6.5 or 7 but have found 7s work best for me especially with the Prepare family. When i saw these babies on sale online, I jumped all over them and ordered them in size 7. Unfortunately I could have gone with a size 6.5 as the 7s are a tad long - currently wearing them with an insert and socks so all is well. This is really the first time I've chosen the wrong size. Regardless, they make me feel like a super hero too (as another Vogger mentioned) plus they draw lots of positive attention, as do all my Fluevogs, which I love! I think I may have even converted a person or two... Thanks for making such amazing happy art for my feet!


tonja bos
these boots are beautiful and super comfortable. my feet are significantly different sizes and i was a little skeptical about trying these out. i received them in the mail and could get the right one on and zipped up no problem but the left one which is my bigger foot and way...not even close. i was advised to have them stretched but even that was not enough. fortunately we have a fabulous shoe maker close by and for a small price he put a wedge of leather in right beside the zipper and now they are perfect! these boots are very well made high quality and worth the price!

Wonderfull boots! But - you have big calves? Read this!

Catherine - Canada
These boots are amazing, bad-a**, they make me feel so confident and powerful! The design and the leather it's made of are exquisite. I highly recommend these if you want boots that look tough, but are also stylish. They look so durable, I bet I could pass them down to the daughter I hope I have one day.

I got the size 11, which fit my foot perfectly, as predicted by customer support (thanks Suzie!); however, the zipper wouldn't even go halfway up my calf!

Granted, I have freakishly large, muscular calves, but this would not do. I patiently stretched the leather out, but there still was a 2-inch gap at the top of the boot.

So I discovered this product : It saved my Fluevogs for me. Thanks to the boot bands, I can now wear my Maggies and even fit jeans in! I am not affiliated with this company in any way, but I'm so grateful that I had to share this discovery with Fluevogers with big calves!
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