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Like that kid who refuses to wear anything but black jeans in tropical temperatures, boot-lovers are hesitant to closet their favourite styles just because the sun has come out. The Adriana Billy is designed with the recognizable and well-loved Nuni pattern, but made with a smooth, matte Portuguese Nubuck to make them lighter for warmer weather. Complete with a swing toe last, rubber sole, and a 2" leather wrapped heel, The Billy will save your feet from frying, without sacrificing your dedication to the boot gods. A thankful person is a happy person.

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Don't let the narrow look scare you off!

J Finch - Toronto, Canada
As is well said online, these are narrow. They look obviously narrow from right out of the box as they are a victorian style boot with a lovely slightly elongated toe.
I have decently wide feet, and a moderate instep, so I was definitely conceded regarding the fit. I spoke with someone at Fluevog directly regarding what size to order, and was advised to go with a half size larger then my usual Fluevog size, which ended up being perfect.
The moment you try them on, they feel narrow; I instantly thought that they were a no go, but the leather is honestly the softest I have ever felt, almost delicate, and within 2 minutes of wearing them with thin socks, they relaxed and began forming more to my own feet and they will only continue to do so.
I also had no issue with the length of the boot laces vs my calves as I have read, and I have very wide calves.
Be advised they are a literally buttery soft leather, almost like velvet, and do scuff and mark very easily. I love worn in and scuffed up boots so I have no issues with this, but those who need their footwear pristine may be driven mad by their soft nature.

These are so beautiful, comfortable, and unique because of the exquisitely rich Tiffany blue colour (much richer and green toned then pictured here) and are absolutely worth any initial discomfort to break them in.

Love these so much but how to clean scuffs?

Sara - Houston Tx
Like many other writers, had to justify the cost for these beauties. Living in Texas the color is year round and comfort eternal.
Just wish I knew a safe way to get the little brown scuffs off the sides. Happens while walking.
Did try the dab of Woolite as I advised by Fluevog store associate and OUCH! Got a big ol' faded hickey. Took to cobbler and he fixed so it's better.
Help! Any way to get some Fluevog color for a quick fix??

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Christy S. - Stow, Ohio
I ordered these by phone after a lengthy period of calling to make sure they weren't going to sell out in my size while attempting to justify spending so much on a single pair of boots. (The quality justifies the cost, but my budget...) They are definitely on the narrow side, which I knew from the Lunas I already owned, but after a few days of extra socks they've stretched to be perfect. The leather is buttery soft and the most gorgeous color! Haven't worn them yet, because I'm saving them for my college graduation in a few weeks. What better time to debut such gorgeous boots!!!
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