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The Preet gets its name from one of our most awesome of Fluevogologists. It’s made in a wonderful Japanese-owned factory in Vietnam using rich, Italian leathers that have been hand-buffed at the toe and the heel. Like the other Passage styles, The Preet is a refined boot – it didn’t escape a little bit of Fluevogian flare with a luxurious, Italian inside zipper and cuban-styled, 2.25” stacked leather heel. Warning: the wearer of this boot may experience an instant increase in awesome – compliments of the style’s namesake.

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Love the Preet!

Juliya - Canada
Saw these at the Distillery, and they were available in my size and on sale:)) I'm usually a 7 in most Vogs, but went up to 7.5 in these, and they fit perfectly.
Ideal fall boot, fits just like the Cairos - good for a narrow foot with excellent arch support. I didn't find the exposed zipper bothersome at all, and the stitching inside the boot is not noticeable, especially with socks. I'm excited to see how the leather will soften - I think these will have a perfect "worn in" look in a few wears. Get em before they're gone!

Beautiful but...small details make them uncomfortable

Mina - Montreal
I yearned for the Preet for a long time and the sale got me to take the plunge. These are beautiful, dark pewter boots, very silvery, with a dramatic cowboy profile, great chunky heels and cheeky, oversized copper zippers. But they aren't for me. I ordered up a full size as the last few pointy Fluevogs I have owned were too small in my normal size (which is 9, slightly on the wide side). The 10 was ok, maybe a scootch too big, but the intolerables were: the stitching that another reviewer noted and that cheeky zipper. Both made the boot unwearable for me. Large stitches on the sole come right through to the insole. Why, John, why? I felt them distinctly on the undersides of my feet (ouch). I am blister-prone and even with socks I could feel the rubbing begin. So yes, this could be fixed by adding a good quality insole but would this deal with water entry? (And shouldn't Fluevog designers think of these things?) The deal breaker, however, were the zippers. On these boots there is no inner protective flap of leather that normally would protect your ankle/socks/tights from the teeth of the zipper. This flap is pretty much standard fare in zipper-closing ankle boots, except maybe when the zipper is small and made of relatively soft plastic. Given the size of this metal zipper, and the rough finishing of the boot right where the zipper terminates towards the top, that flap was reeaaally necessary. Just wearing the boot for a few minutes I could feel the top teeth of the zip cutting into my skin - they would rip through a pair of tights in about 15 minutes of walking, I would think. So, overall, this is a unique and gorgeous boot but comfort is all in the details and for me these details were sadly lacking with the Preet. Back they go!

Wow these shoes are simply awesome!

Navee - United States
Instant increase in awesomeness indeed! Must haves! The pictures don't do any justice to how awesome the Preet boots actually look in person. Love them!
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