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Future Angels


Contrast Leather Wingtip

Men's (US)
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Sean C. from our New York store says:

Fluevogers love the Future Angel Charles because they run true to size and are ready to rock.

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The Charles is styled with classic brogue details and is made with smooth or specialty leathers. Its custom molded sole brings you forward to the future while still protecting you from the elements and most of all, Satan. Your sole will direct your future. 

*Not resoleable.

Found in: Casual, Shoes, Mens


Fits Small Fits Large
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Sean C. from our New York store says:

Fluevogers love the Future Angel Charles because they run true to size and are ready to rock.


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Charles - Looked Great, Felt Great, Fell Apart

Michael B. - Seattle
I bought the black Charles with orange stitching [on sale] in January 2018. I have normal width feet, yet the leather started pulling away from the shoes within 5 months and the stitching on the toes started coming undone around 8 months. I took them back to the store regarding the leather pulling away. They kept them for about a week, ostensibly to repair them. When I picked them up a week later, I took them home without checking them out at the store. Upon inspecting them at home, literally NOTHING had been done to repair them. As the stitching came undone around the 8th month (warranty period deadline), I simply gave up. Over the next few months, the stitching on the left shoe came completely undone on one side, revealing the interior material and letting rain in should I mistakenly wear them on a rainy day.

I really liked the look and feel of these shoes and was certain they would last a long time, but I feel completely ripped off. Judging from a few other reviews and my own experience, I believe Fluevog sold these shoes [on sale] knowing full well that they were poorly constructed. These shoes should have been pulled by Fluevog, rather than put on sale to shaft unwitting buyers. I had seen them as an entry level Fluevog shoe and had they worked out well, I would have likely purchased more, even at regular prices. Once bitten, however, I am certainly now twice shy.

Bring back the orange, circa 2015

Dennis Rhodes - Madison
The black Charles with contrasting orange stitching were the best pair of shoes, by far, I've ever owned. Please bring them back. Subsequent Fluevog substitutes have disqualifying quality issues. In short, they fall apart.

2 out of three are Fabulous!

Jonathan - Baltimore
My amazing wife became obsessed with Fluevogs and we went to the store in Vancouver. I fell in love with the Charles models pretty quickly and bought three pairs! The purple and black pair and the orange soled pair are amazing. I bought these after trying them on in the store and love them. The all black pair with the orange trim which I bought on line is definitely a tighter and less comfortable fit. I am using shoe trees to stretch them but it's still a fight. I am determined they will get better. I think my fluevog purchases will be in person from now on...not a bad thing as the stores are lots of fun.
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