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Future Angels


Men's (US)
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Stephen from our Seattle store says:

The Future Angels James has a wider fit, and is a little shallow in toe box. Otherwise, true to size, and incredibly comfortable.


The future King James spent his childhood in prison studying poetry. When finally released he inherited the kingdom of the Scots and all hell broke loose. James used unconventional methods to gain control over his kingdom, and could have used John's Future Angels for protection against the dark forces of his destiny. The Future James uses tough leathers on a flexible and lightweight molded sport sole (made of 50% rubber and 50% all-natural latex) for quick movement and a lightning wit - both of which James could have used against his assassins. After tearing up the floorboards of the room, King James tried to escape through a sewer but ironically met his fate as he had previously had the other end of the drain blocked three days earlier (its connection to the tennis court was where balls habitually got lost). As the bottom of the shoe reminds you... Your sole will direct your future!

Instagram @fluevog #vog_james

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Fits Small Fits Large
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Stephen from our Seattle store says:

The Future Angels James has a wider fit, and is a little shallow in toe box. Otherwise, true to size, and incredibly comfortable.


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Horrendous waste of money; poorly made

I have had many pair of Fluevog shoes but alas I’m parting ways with these overpriced Payless quality crap piles. The design is inept. Has the designer tried to walk around on mutiolensurfaces in different types of weather? After a light sprinkle I’ve slipped in these shoes on side walks and on floors. The bottoms are flat and act like skies on marble, on metal, on polished floors, on slightly wet surfaces. My fiancé fell in a pair and featured an arm. Too after six months of wearing casually the seams have split, the back of the inside of the shoe has come apart. Fluevog leather laces break after a use or two. I have a few other pair of Fluevogs that I haven’t e en worn because I ordered them online and there is such a radical difference in size and width from shoe to shoe. Fuck Fluevog. These are shit shoes. I’ll pay more for better quality shoes that actually fit and last for more than a couple wears. Fluevog shoes take planned obsolescence to the extreme. Quality and poor design like I’ve experienced in the last year or so will make the company obsolete.

Look nice but cheaply made and poorly designed

I've had a number of JF's and have been pretty happy with my shoes and this is why I have more than one pair. Those days are over...I wore these once a week at most, and after about 6 months the stitching started to go right where the foot flexes. I thought being a triple stitch shoe they'd be solid. Turns out two of the three stitches are decorative. A single stitch shoe? At this price? What a waste. Quality was definitely not on the agenda. If you're looking for a well made shoe look elsewhere.
John Fluevog Shoes
Hi Michael, We're very sorry to hear that you've been having stitching issues with The James. For help with a repair, please contact your closest Fluevog store.

James v. Charles

Dennis Rhodes - Madison WI
JF Charles were the best looking and wearing shoes I ever owned so I was looking forward to a pair of the James. What a disappointment--the thread came hopelessly unraveled on both the left and right shoes after less than a year. I had one thread repaired after only a couple months but the repair didn't hold and now the shoes have completely failed.
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