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Lace-less oxford

Men's (US)
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The Northampton Kingsley is a sleek, lace-less oxford you might have to control your emotions around. Though they don’t have a sexy British accent, they’re charming as ever and based off a hand-shaped last developed in Northampton, England! Elegantly contoured with an asymmetric toe cap, they’re some of most unique, unique soles out there. Delightfully poised.

  • Made in Vietnam
  • Waxed suede (black) or smooth hand painted leathers (watercolour)
  • Leather soles
  • Leather wrapped masonite heel with a rubber heel lift
  • Reheelable and resoleable

*Limited Edition pink colo(u)rway available in Australia only

Found in: Formal, Shoes, Mens


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How amazing are these shoes?

WDB - Salt Lake City
1) Wore them (black suede) to a wedding for first time (i was officiating)- more compliments than even the usual Fluevog fabulous ones

2) Wore them to travel in. Four hour flight, then a 30 minute flight that turned into a 7 hour layover trapped in Atlanta. Not the least bit uncomfortable.

3) Wore them on the flight home. Late connection landing in Atlanta (again). Connection already boarding. Had to RUN from D Concourse to Plane Train to E Concourse, through crowd, down escalator, through other terminal. Still comfortable and I made the flight. Magical shoe. Even breaking the leather sole rule...

Unforgettable stunner

I own... a good number of Fleuvogs. Some of them make me very, very happy when I wear them. But I have never owned a pair of shoes that makes me this delirious. The effect is contagious. These gorgeous beauts slip on so easily and wear like a dream. I am a bit worried about how long they will keep their look before creases damage the color But every time I wear these is worth the price of admission. A truly special pair of shoes.

Another instant classic

Spike - Union Square, SF
So much style! I love that the Watercolor colorway consists of two differently colored shoes. Easy to slip on and comfortable to wear. My only gripe is the leather (suede actually!) soles. They are comfy and classy, but the soles mean I can only wear them in fair weather. Also, the beads in the heel make a little bit of grinding noise when I walk. Not really a problem, but I could see it bothering someone.


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Kingsley Black Lace-less oxford
Kingsley Black Lace-less oxford
Kingsley Black Lace-less oxford
Kingsley Black Lace-less oxford
Kingsley Black Lace-less oxford
Kingsley Black Lace-less oxford

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