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Go Groovy


Lace-up ankle boot

Women's (US)
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The origins of The Go Groovy Family trace way back to John’s days exploring the streets of jolly old England. Inspired by a famous 60’s era boutique he always loved to visit, these chic and bubbly styles are everyday practical without being everyday boring. The Hornik features a slight toe bump and rubber soles with flex grooves for improved flexibility. Go groovy, take an F-trip!

  • Made in Portugal
  • Tumbled nubuck and/or soft nappa and specialty leathers
  • Waxed cotton laces
  • Rubber soles
  • 2" leather wrapped heel with a thick rubber heel lift
  • Reheelable


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I love my black Horniks, they are comfortable and so stylish. I get tons of compliments every time I wear them. I wear them with both casual looks and office wear. Love ‘em!

Fluevog Faith Restored

Tracy - Nanaimo
I wanted to follow up on my review/rant of yesterday re: Light Yellow Hornik scuffs. Patrick reached out to me and we discussed the reasons for a) my over-the-top upset ('cause I love the Fluevog brand and like any lover's tiff, I felt hurt because I felt I wasn't being heard) and, b) the reasons for the scuffs.

Suffice it to say that my Fluevog Faith has been fully restored. The Fluevog Team are real, they're listening and they're Groovy.

Dark Brown Scuffs inside Yellow Soles

Tracy - Nanaimo
My sole (and soul) is hurting. I've been a loyal supporter and promoter of Fluevogs for decades. Have owned many, many pairs of boots. Always felt the Fluevog Love. So when I had my very first issue with a pair I though that, for sure, that support and love would be returned. Sadly, it's not the case for me. I bought the extremely groovy light yellow Horniks just over a week ago. Worn them twice. From the get-go, I noticed dark brown scuff marks on the inside soles. Same colour brown (scuff) as the heels. Assumed that the heel must be rubbing the inside sole when I walk and, the finish wearing off. Never happened with any of my other boots (and, trust me, I've owned MANY!). So, I brought it to Fluevog's attention - hoping they'd be concerned, seeing as this is a new line for them and, this seems to me, a manufacturing defect. Unfortunately, all they've done is suggest I go into my nearest Fluevog (2 hours away) and they'll clean them for me. I can clean them. I did the first time and, it just happened again the second time I wore them. Oh, they've also suggested I "Walk in peace." That's helpful - not. No dismay that $500 boots are scuffing due to their own heel finish. No suggestion that they'll pursue it, in case it IS a manufacturing defect that can be fixed. Nothing. No love. Soul/sole-destroying. This may be the end of a beautiful friendship, John. I truly hope all you other Light Yellow Hornik purchasers don't have the same experience but, if you do, please do let them know right away so that, perhaps, they'll look into a fix.

Maybe it IS just me. Maybe I got a bad pair or, have developed some weird walking defect that was previously undiagnosed/undetected via sole/heel shoe wear. Whatever. I'm putting this out there just in case it does happen to you. You aren't alone. Although, judging from my experience today with their customer service, you will certainly be made to feel alone if you bring the problem to their attention.

p.s. I sure wish I could share the photos I included in my e-mail(s) to Patrick at Fluevog. They would very clearly show you how bad the problem is. But I can't. Please believe me, it ain't pretty.
John Fluevog Shoes
Hi Tracy, Thanks for your review. We're so sorry to hear that you experienced issues with the Go Groovy soles. It is normal for lighter coloured soles to be more susceptible to scuff marks but our stores are also always happy and able to help repair and remove these marks. Feel free to reach out to us!
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Hornik Light Yellow Lace-up ankle boot
Hornik Light Yellow Lace-up ankle boot
Hornik Light Yellow Lace-up ankle boot
Hornik Light Yellow Lace-up ankle boot
Hornik Light Yellow Lace-up ankle boot
Hornik Light Yellow Lace-up ankle boot

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