Product Care

Fluevogs are made from a whole bunch of different, beautiful leathers that all really enjoy being pampered. To ensure that you and your Vogs are able to soak in the most amount of compliments, keep them looking sharp and new for longer with the following tips:

Everyday Care:

1. Keep them from getting too dirty or muddy, and clean them if they do!

2. Put them on and remove them properly (remember to untie the laces!). Use a shoe horn to prevent crushing the heel of your shoes.

3. Insert shoe trees and store them in a cool, dry place, away from excessive light. Unvarnished cedar shoe trees will draw moisture out of leather while varnished shoe trees will help a shoe retain its shape as it dries. It is your choice as to which shoe tree you prefer.

4. Give ‘em a break. Getting stepped on is hard work and they need a change to breathe once and while. Rotate your shoes every few days so your Fluevogs can all enjoy weekends. This lets them dry out and slow down the aging process.


Fluevogs are complicated soles (in a cool, brooding kind of way). The leather of the shoe will dictate the product and care process, and we’ve broken it down for you here:

JF All Protector Spray is aptly named as the savior of your shoes. You should christen all of your Vogs before taking them on their first adventure. The spray fights the evil forces of dirt, moisture, and other grimy nemeses by creating a protective shield around your Vogs.

  • Take your clean, dry Fluevogs somewhere with lots of ventilation, and spray from a distance of 20 cm. Be sure to cover all of the leather with a mist, but don’t over saturate the shoe. When you’re finished, wait 30 minutes and lace ‘em up (or slip them on).

JF Mink Oil (for detailed, smooth, pebbled, and waxy leathers): Apply a small amount of the oil to a cotton cloth and rub it onto your thirsty Vogs in an even consistency (without over-saturating them). Leave it on for five minutes before wiping off any excess moisture. The Mink Oil will give them a beautiful matte finish. If you’re looking for a shinier outcome, polish them up when you’re done!

JF Crème Superfine (for smooth or pebbled leathers): To apply, remove any dirt or dust before massaging the cream gently and evenly into the leather with a soft, cotton cloth. Let the cream sit on your shoes for as long as possible (we recommend anywhere up to half an hour).

Paté de Luxe (for glossy, shiny leather): Make sure your Fluevogs are clear of any excess dust and dirt before dabbing the polish on to our Polish Applicator Brush and applying it with even strokes across your shoes. We recommend you re-apply where needed before letting them sit for 10-20 minutes to happily soak in their cleanliness.

JF Dubbin Wax (for thick leathers): Once you’ve cleaned your Vogs, evenly apply the Dubbin Wax with a cloth. Let the wax sit for half of an hour and then polish them with a clean, soft, cotton cloth. Keep in mind, the Dubbin Wax shouldn’t be used until your Fluevogs have the experience of a few kilometers on your feet.

Fluevogs are just as susceptible to the inevitability of aging, but with proper care it can be an exciting process to watch your shoes grow into your own uniquely worn pair.

Take care of your Fluevogs and practice these techniques regularly so that you can help to preserve the leather and age them gracefully. If you’re still unsure on how to properly manage your shoes, don’t be afraid to contact a Fluevogologist!

In other words, don’t delay, clean your Vogs today!