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Fluevog Post Interview: Adrian in Calgary

[This interview first appeared in Issue 10 of The Fluevog Post (Spring/Summer 2018)]

Adrian Dayrit, Fluevog Calgary Manager
Years with Fluevog: 4

Where are you from?

What were your first pair of Fluevogs?
The Derby Swirl in black.

Describe Calgary in a nutshell:
Calgary is like a big city with a small town vibe, where everyone kind of knows each other.

Calgary favourites for:

Lunch: Holy grill

Dinner: Bon-ga

Relaxing: Reader Rock Garden is a cool spot that overlooks the city but is next to a cemetery, so not a lot of people hang out there.

Something that would surprise people about Calgary:
It’s surprisingly diverse. I think people still think that we’re all just cowboys, but there’s a lot more that goes on than just the stampede. We’re a pretty vibrant city for how small we are.

What is your favourite Fluevog Store (other than your own)?
The Granville store in Vancouver because I’ve made some good friends there.

Something that would surprise people about you:
I write for Mabuhay Calgary, a local Filipino newspaper, and am a fixture in the city’s Filipino dance community.

Favourite part of working for Fluevog?
The sense of freedom and creativity that my employees and I get to enjoy here is pretty unique when it comes to retail. But also, the people.

Strangest pronunciation of Fluevog you’ve heard?
My dad, with his Filipino accent, thinks I work for Fluebog.

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