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Shoe Stories by John: The Luxury Freeze

[Photo: A young John tries his hand at sales outside The Luxury Freeze]

By John Fluevog

People often ask me where my love of cars came from – the truth is it came from ice cream. When I was a kid, my Dad owned and ran a soft serve ice cream drive-in called The Luxury Freeze. It was right beside a high school and every time I was there, I was overwhelmed by these super cool cars that would drive in and be shown off. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the ice cream, but I loved the cars. (Sidenote: My Dad was actually offered the rights to Dairy Queen in Canada, but he declined… Just think, had things gone a little differently, you could now be listening to the son of the King of Dairy Queen!)

I’ve been lucky enough to rebuild and redesign some old classic cars including one of my Dad’s old ones. There’s just something beautiful about the lines on well designed cars, they’re very similar to shoes to me. When people say that “…when John isn’t thinking about shoes, he’s thinking about cars, and when he isn’t thinking about cars he’s thinking about shoes,” they’re not wrong, but every now and then, I pay homage to the thing that started it all and eat some ice cream!

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