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Drawing on invaluable lessons he learned from his cartography days, John sketched up a lace-up boot that featured soft leathers with textured surfaces, a 3.5" curved heel, and a 1.5" hidden platform of recycled cork, all on a tunite sole with rubber grips. The uber-modern Map provides you with safety and illumination while you are off the beaten path. Prepare for the Future, choose well today.

*Black & blue colo(u)rway available in select Fluevog stores only

Check out #vog_map to see them in the wild!


Drawing on invaluable lessons he learned from his cartography days, John sketched up a lace-up boot that featured soft leathers with textured surfaces, a 3.5" curved heel, and a 1.5" hidden platform of recycled cork, all on a tunite sole with rubber grips. The uber-modern Map provides you with safety and illumination while you are off the beaten path. Prepare for the Future, choose well today.

*Black & blue colo(u)rway available in select Fluevog stores only

Check out #vog_map to see them in the wild!

27 Reviews

  • I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to make these beauties mine. I’ve always found them gorgeous, but high heels and platforms have never been my cup of tea. I took a chance on them because of the great price on sale and now I freak out at the thought that I could’ve missed them. They are extremely hot, classy and comfortable. I’m in love again!

    Cristina (Timmins)

    June 28, 2017

  • Tears of Joy

    Thanks to Anne in MN-TODAY IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!????????????????

    Kelley (Georgia)

    June 8, 2017

  • Grab these boots before they're gone!

    I had some time to kill in DC recently so of course I headed to Georgetown and made a beeline for the John Fluevog store there. I had seen the Leader Mary Janes in blue and black online, and I wanted to try them on. Fortunately my salesperson (I think her name was Becky) insisted that I also try on these boots, in the same black and blue color. Oh. My. Goodness. I ended up buying these, and I absolutely love, love, love them! I wore them to a party last night and got compliments all over the place. The top of the boot is solid black, so the coloring is very subtle. And the best part is, they are super comfortable! I am a tall gal (5' 10") who usually doesn't wear platform anything, but I had no problem walking around in these all day. From reading earlier reviews it seems they have fixed the issue of breaking laces by using ribbon instead, which adds a nice touch. The fit is true-to-size. Hurry and get your pair before they're gone!

    Stephanie (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

    March 4, 2017

  • Purple goodness

    I am so excited to add to my Prepare collection (I'm a bit of an addict about them), with these awesome purple boots. They are true to size, although if you have Morton's Toe, you might want to size up 1/2 a size to avoid hitting the end of the shoe. The platform means you get all the height of heels, but have so much more comfort. Amazing shoes! Thank you, John!

    Sheila (Victoria, BC)

    March 24, 2014

  • Hot and sexy boots

    I LOVE these boots! I wear them all day and they are sooo comfortbale. Thye look sharp and edgy and fashion-forward and everybody compliments me on them. Love them, absolutely! I also love the laces and found that if I tie the twice they last all day.


    January 17, 2014

  • All is true!

    ALL comments of happy clients about these boots are TRUE! I own a pair of the Prepare Maps in mustard and brown and I TOTALLY happy with them! They are stylish, well made, confortable like you would not believe, and FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

    I have not had any problems with the laces breaking, but i am careful in consideration to all previous comments on the matter. The sizing is also true to the description above. Beau travail John!

    Anne B. (Gatineau, Quebec)

    January 4, 2014

  • wanted to cry

    So hubby decides to have a one nighter with a trashy Blonde after 13 years of marriage , I wanted to cry tears of joy cause I cant think of anything that pays for infidelity Like my brand new pair of Prepare Map . Thanks to my husband and thanks to J. F. So amazing and comfortable enough to stomp all over his cheating ass for dayzzzzzzz . The only thing now is how can I get more :)Thanks again these shoes are really making it all better .

    Barb (Nova Scotia)

    December 11, 2013

  • Quiet and Cozy

    Yes, like everyone else, I cannot rave enough about how comfortable these boots are! I call them my Super Hero Elf boots. I feel powerful, magical and outstandingly stylish when I wear them. They are like slippers on stilts with ankle support! They make no noise at all when you walk, which is awesome for such a stacked and sexy boot. At the same time, they feel like you could run in them like sneakers. No break in period required. Love the muted purple color, which goes with everything. Also like everyone else, I must say that the shoelaces they come with are useless! But that wasn't going to stop me from keeping these beauties! I ordered a pair of black and silver 54" round boot laces on Ebay for $5, including shipping, which look divine and are much easier to lace up strong. I am a solid size 6 in other shoes and the Fluevog 6 fits true to size and like a dream. Plenty of room in the toe box for happy toes, too! Thanks again, John! <3

    Amy Luna (Berkeley, California)

    October 25, 2013

  • Comfy, great shoes!

    I love my Prepare Maps! I bought them in Brown/Yellow, and like a few other people, I had a problem with the laces breaking. I bought work-boot laces (also brown and yellow) and they work like a charm. I love the dichotomy of the showy boots and the mundane laces. Insanely comfortable, these are part of my "9-hour" shoe inventory (meaning I can wear them all day without pain!). I walk 35 min. to and from work in them with no issues. Cobblestones, grass, sidewalks, wooden planks, you name it. No problems and no fallen ankles. I'm not great with heels, and these, while they look high, really feel like loafers on a platform. I'm a 6.5 but I normally buy a 7 and add insoles for comfort. Wide feet and a high arch. I bought a 7 and it fits like they were made for me.

    NL (Toronto)

    July 10, 2013

  • Boots - I want black too!!!

    I own these in brown/yellow, and they are by far my favorite and most comfortable shoes. Well made, comfortable, and eye-catching. I wanted black in my size, but they are not available - bring them back!!!

    Samantha (California)

    June 27, 2013

  • Boston, DC and beyond!

    I ordered my mapps to expand my beloved fluevog collection. I usually take an 8 1/2 but the lovely ladies of the Boston store - by phone - assured me I'd be happy with the 9 and THEN hunted them down for me. The friendly folks at the D.C. store got them on their way.

    Upon arrival, I found they fit my small foot perfectly, but that my "big foot" had to do a few hours of work to break them in. Now they are glorious and I would happily walk to the ends of the earth in them. Much love.

    Ashley (Florida)

    June 24, 2013

  • Perfect in every way!

    I decided to make my first online Fluevog purchase a bit daring. I normally would go for a low heel shoe style, but the minute I saw these (on sale, too) I knew these were it. I am ecstatic! As mentioned in other reviews, the comfort level is amazing, they are a perfect fit for me. I love the double suede laces with the large grommets, it's a gorgeous boot. If your size is available, don't hesitate!

    Susan Scherer (Michiga)

    June 5, 2013

  • Amazingly Voglicious

    These boots are simply amazing. They belong in my Fluevog closet and on my feet. They fit my feet like a glove. No breaking in, no sore feet, and every step I take I feel like I am walking the catwalk.

    Connie Elford (Grande Prairie, AB)

    March 26, 2013

  • Trailblazing boots

    Neither rain nor snow nor 5,000 miles can keep me from my Fluevogs!

    When the Maps went on sale, I was in Hawaii, almost as far away from the fabulous NYC store as it's possible to be without leaving the U.S. So I called, and they hooked me up via the Chicago store.

    Sean recommended going down half a size, and they're perfect. I love the comfortable platform and funky heel, and the grommets are reminiscent of my beloved Hildegards. The only minor issue is that the laces untie themselves, but I'm experimenting with different knotting techniques.

    These modern granny/witch boots are to die for!

    Ali (NYC)

    February 11, 2013

  • Love

    Adore these boots - totally sexy, fun and Vogolicious. Went up a half size from my usual (super wide feet and high arch) .. They fit like a glove and the platform is so comfortable .. Great for all day running around. I'd love to see these in a high boot (like the natural evolution of my sopranos that I still have going in full swing - I'll simply die if I ever have to retire those boots). I upgraded the laces and put in lovely purple and brown ribbon to tie up ... Dresses up the boot and gives you even more opportunity to play with colour ;)

    Thanks John for another wonderful show-stopper :)

    Anne (Toronto)

    February 3, 2013

  • Wowza

    I bought these KINDA on a whim. I LOVE them. They fit perfectly (I'm a non-fluevog 9, got a 9, they are perfect). They are sexy. They are amazing. I bought the brown / yellow and couldn't be happier. I've had them on all day (I can't bear to take them off!) and this might be the most comfortable Fluevogs I own. Which is saying something!

    tawnya (Utah)

    January 9, 2013

  • IN LOVE...LOVE!!!

    I once stood in front of a storefront having a "WTH??" moment because they were moving a beautiful vintage car inside. That feeling I had was DESTINY. Because last summer in Seattle a co-worker put me on to "a store that sells some really cool shoes". She knew I'd take the bait. I fell in love with so many John Fluevog's but these haunted me. FOR FOUR MONTHS. Well, I returned to that storefront, hyperventilated from not seeing them on display in the black, and they are mine now! Mine I tell you!! And they are crying for their sisters!LOL I'd never break up a family @>-

    TeaTime (Portland)

    January 2, 2013

  • Sooooooo comfortable!

    I love these boots! I bought them in black, lusted after the brown/yellow but practicality ruled the day! I switched out the leather laces with a lace ribbon. I have had many compliments, love the height gain as well. I was in Dallas TX running a marathon. My feet were sore after the race. I tried a pair of flats, but they weren't working so I switched to these and my feet said, thank you! I may still get the other color! Fluevogs are addictive!

    Joan (Saskatoon)

    December 29, 2012

  • Another great pair...

    I am a true, blue Vogger and have been for many years. My first pair from this shoe family were the Prepare...and I have had the Maps saved on my bookmark for quite some time...looking at them and longing for them...sigh! I get stopped on the street when I wear my Prepares! Well today I had a Voglicious experience in the Vancouver store and made away with this latest Vogian Obsession. They are AWESOME and sure to catch the eyes of the public. I must add...instant comfort factor, like I've owned them forever. I'm turning into quite the Fluevogs hoarder! I do have discerning taste P-) and John and the crew haven't failed me yet!! Vog on friends!!

    Shawna (Abbotsford, B.C.)

    December 27, 2012

  • Buy these already!!

    OMG - I have had my eye on Fluevogs for a while now and when I made my way to NYC I marched myself right into the store on Mulberry Street. After a panic attack at realizing I could only buy(afford)one pair I settled on these. The salesperson swore they would be comfy right off the bat and she is no liar. I put them to the test on Black Friday and wore them from 7:45am until 11:30 pm....still comfy! I wore them the next day too...all day. For those of you wondering if you should buy them the answer is YES, your feet deserve them!!!!!

    shannon (Iowa)

    November 29, 2012

  • Swoon

    After literally walking the heels off of my Merits I was due for another amazing opportunity in my life. I am now infatuated with my Maps in black, they are perfect with just about everything. Fit delicious from the very first day out, so marvelously wicked and smart. Many thanks to Anthony @ the Melrose shop for humoring my yearly trip to a Fluevog storefront, and offering some heel repair pieces so that I am always Prepared.

    Sassin (Maui)

    November 26, 2012

  • Another FABULOUS pair of Fluevogs...

    Well, yes, these are fantastic! Jodie from the Calgary store emailed just to say "Hi" because she is just that wonderful, and so I naturally had to go in to see her and all the other fabulous people at the store AND maybe, just maybe (okay, maybe wasn't even a consideration) buy a pair of boots. I was thinking of another pair of I believe High Simon's in black when the wonderful super helpful staff suggested I try these instead - same eyelets, but different look! (I love my Simons) Yes, they are fantastic, yes, they are super comfy, yes, they are ME. YAY to the wonderful friends at the store whose style advice is incredible, YAY to these boots, YAY to Fluevog! Thanks for everything you all - it's super fun just to hang out there! LOVE these


    Lesley Menzies (Calgary)

    November 20, 2012

  • :-D

    I Love these shoes. Super comfy and Oh, So, Cute. I wear a size 6 1/2 in other shoes but a 6 in Fluevogs. I purchased these in the SF Melrose store and the staff was Awesome!!! Very friendly & helpful.

    Thank You, Fluevog!


    October 8, 2012

  • dance baby dance...

    I honestly had my most fun dancing experience ever in these boots my first night out with them. Threw together a little steam punk get up and they were perfect. Next time out in jeans and they were just as hot... Perfect fit, true to size. I have had no trouble with the laces (except going through airport security where the hardware was freaking out the scanners!) Cant wait to fancy them up with some lace.

    Leslee Larsen (Sudbury)

    September 18, 2012

  • My new Favorite

    This shoe family is my new favorite. I was worried about falling on my back side with the height of these but they are quite sturdy and I had no problem strutting these around. I buy online so sometimes when trying a new shoe family it can be puzzling deciding what size to choose. My normal size is 8 1/2 and these fit snug. I got the 8 1/2 for tights and loved them so much I came back for the black in a 9 for thicker socks in the winter. The yellow lace on one boot snapped twice but was easily replaced for a few pennies from my trusty cobbler. Hugs to Monica at the Haight store for the great tips about using different materials like ribbons to tie the black boots. And thanks for the wonderful laugh I got when I opened the box and saw the message regarding the shipper!!! :-D

    Stephanie (Philadelphia, PA)

    September 10, 2012

  • Great Boots, Bummer about the laces

    These boots fit like a dream and go with almost anything, though a skirt shows them off to best effect. Now the sad bit: today was the second time (-( I wore these wonder boots, don't know why since they're not black but I feel a little like Wonder Woman in them ()-) , and the laces on the left boot, broke. Determinedly I tied them together, snap another break..I tied that one together...snap, egads - four breaks in all by the time I tried to tie a bow with naught but the metal nub. Clearly the lace was rotten.I have sent an email to the store where I purchased them & if their support is anything like when I order online I have no fears, but we shall see. Love Love Love my boots, so spectacular. I am secure in the knowledge that I have always had great response from Fluevog so suspect I will have new laces, though I live no where near the store. My helpful Fluvogger suggestion if I may: throw a spare set of laces in the box for this design, its a small cost to save a voggers day.

    Secure Fluevogger (Innsifail, Alberta)

    September 7, 2012

  • Shmexy!

    Actually my first pair of 'Vogs. Shout out to Tanya at Toronto store for excellent service: not only super-friendly and patient but - odd as this may sound - made finding the right pair of shoes feel like a fun game!

    So: I have pretty wide feet and these definitely accomodate. I love the cork insert, making them look like fab high heels on the outside, but feel only a low rise inside - and good for shock absorption. Did get a bit of rubbing on my fourth toes, but that's par for the course with me and "breaking in" new shoes.

    My second time ever wearing them was a day walking around at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, and really, my feet were only slightly more unhappy than they would have been after the same number of hours in old, worn-in Docs.

    On a style note, I found the double skinny-leather laces to be annoying even when trying them on in the store, and immediately went out and bought wide ribbon to lace them with instead, which I think also makes them very pretty! Totally recommend it to anyone buying these boots.(However I got the black ones; it might not look so cute with the brown and yellow).

    Jo Mason (Toronto)

    August 27, 2012

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