Do you dream of a world where strangers blindly spread joy for the simple pursuit of putting smiles on the faces of others? Are you a kind-hearted Fluevoger who takes pride in being part of a community of unique souls?

Sign up for this ambitious and unpredictable adventure and you can be a part of the greatest (or at least the weirdest) global gift exchange the earth has ever seen! You’ll be assigned a random Fluevoger to send a gift to and you’ll receive a gift from a fellow participant! We’ll give you a few hints about your recipient, but feel free to send something one-of-a-kind (just like you).

We recommend no more than a suggested gift value of $20(USD). Check out and add to our Made by Fluevogers directory for some great gift ideas and inspiration! To minimize shipping costs, you will be assigned to a fellow Fluevoger in your country of residence.

This year’s gift exchange has ended! Sign up below to be notified when the next one is open for participation.

Post about the Gift Exchange and tag #HappyVogging and @Fluevog on Twitter and Instagram for chances to win extra Fluevog prizes!

Why hasn’t my online shop been added to the Made by Fluevogers directory?

In order to qualify as a listing in the Made by Fluevogers directory, the link you provide must:
– display an active online shop that is currently fulfilling online orders
– display and sell items created or produced by the seller
– include merchandise that is at a price point and size suitable for the Fluevoger Gift Exchange

What happens if I don’t receive a gift?

Unfortunately, this is a real and true possibility that cannot be avoided. We have a lot of faith in Fluevogers and will be sending regular reminders to all participants to send their gifts by the appropriate deadlines, but we cannot guarantee that every single person will abide by the rules. If you don’t receive a gift in the end, we’ll be sad and you’ll be sad, but after a light bit of moping, we’ll learn to cheer ourselves up somehow.

What happens if I don’t send a gift?

Please don’t do this. Thousands of your fellow Fluevogers sign up to anonymously swap gifts and 99% of them follow through. It’s a major bummer when one person receives nothing. Don’t let this happen to your assigned buddy!

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