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First you voted, and now look what you've done! Here you will learn a little more about each of the winners, or Official FluevogCreatives.

Jeff Sant

Jeff Sant is a new up-and-coming illustrator from Michigan. He is currently completing his final courses at the American Academy of Art with a BFA, majoring in Illustration. Jeff has already been featured in numerous exhibitions, including a recent show at Jennifer Norback Fine Art in Chicago. As a young creative, Jeff loves solving visual problems and constantly challenging himself to bring his work to the next level; he can’t imagine doing anything else! Jeff is a firm believer that you should always follow your passion and dreams. He hopes his ambitions and his artwork will inspire his peers and future generations.

I'm reliable, handsome, and will always get the job done on time.


Jeff Sant - Artwork

Jeff Sant - Artwork

Jeff Sant - Artwork


What Jeff Does:

I'm an Illustrator from Michigan but currently creating out of Chicago. I work in many different mediums: watercolor, oil, and digital painting, etc. but my creative style defines my work and stays dominant throughout it. The style I have been developing is a goofy, wacky rendition of reality, which is based on my bad posture and dorky humor.

Jeff's Fluevog encounters:

I'm still fairly new to Fluevogs. Since I was introduced to the competition a few months ago I’ve been spotting Fluevoggers on the street! I’ve been eyeballing those Nebels in black and I’m really excited to get some of my own!!


Jeff Sant - Artwork


On the entering the FluevogCreative contest & inspiration behind his winning ad, ‘No Longer The Ugly Duckling':

I saw the competition as an opportunity to try something new and challenging. I havenít done much advertising work and I thought it would be challenging to work with a product (Fluevog's LoF Maggie boots) within my illustration. This was a great opportunity to reach a broader audience with my work.

Iíve randomly drawn birds in boots a few times in sketchbooks. When I saw the LoF Maggie, I immediately thought back to those sketches. It knew it would be a cool idea to create a piece with a bird who has just got her wings on some Fluevogs, and express the moment when she walks into the party and becomes the spotlight.

Jeff Sant - Artwork

Jeff Sant - Artwork


On the length of time designing her winning creative ad, 'No Longer The Ugly Duckling', took:

The piece didnít take very long to create; the idea popped into my head right away and went smoothly from there. I painted it completely digitally, which is new for me, but it worked out perfectly for this piece..

Jeff Sant - Artwork

On Dreams and What the Future Holds For Jeff:

I am about to graduate from the American Academy of Art. Being creative on a daily basis would fulfill my dreams and I can imagine myself continuing onto this path for a long time. After graduation, Iím moving to New York to pursue editorial illustration. I am really excited for the future but I'm not sure of the exact details Ė that would spoil the surprise.

Keep an eye out in Vice, Applied Arts, and Bust magazines for Jeff's winning design in print.

Jeff's Portfolio

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