About Fluevog

Over 50 Years
of Fluevog

John Fluevog has come a long way since his humble beginnings in 1970 as a partner in the Vancouver shoe store, Fox and Fluevog – and boy, what a ride! Let us take you on a linear journey through the Fluevogian decades and simultaneously prove that timelines are a) awesome and b) not just for history class. Prepare for tears, laughter, and a deep understanding of the unconventional (dare we say, life-changing?) history of John Fluevog Shoes.

The beginning of time
(and Fluevog)


Peter Fox and John Fluevog standing on each side of a car in front of the Hotel Europe in Gastown, Vancouver.


After spending a summer hitchhiking down the west coast and witnessing the 1960s Social Revolution firsthand, John returns to his hometown of Vancouver and begins working for Sheppard’s Shoes. In 1970, he joins forces with fellow co-worker Peter Fox to start up their own shoe store in historic Gastown. The partnership, known simply as Fox and Fluevog, lasts over ten years at which time the two split amicably, leaving John to open the first John Fluevog Shoes in downtown Vancouver.

John Fluevog putting shoes on Kecia’s feet in his store.


The earliest Fox and Fluevog shoes were made from turn-of-the-century footwear that had been discovered in a Mexican warehouse and purchased on the spot by John. The duo advertised their shoes as “Brand new 50 year old shoes”.

The Truth Pilgrim loafer in pink.


One of John’s first designs was The Pilgrim, a Victorian-inspired buckle T-strap loafer. The boldness of the style was completely against the mainstream of the time, and John has kept it unconventional ever since!

John Fluevog and Peter Fox looking out the window of their Gastown store, originally located at 2 Powell Street.


Fox and Fluevog open their first store in the heart of Gastown, Vancouver.

Movie poster for McCabe & Mrs. Miller.


Director Robert Altman buys a knee-high boot while filming McCabe and Mrs. Miller.

Kecia standing in front of and looking into the Fox & Fluevog store on Granville Street, Vancouver.


The Granville Street store opens and will eventually become one of the longest lasting Fox and Fluevog stores. The building was an elaborate bedroom with their shoes gracing a giant bed.

John expands his grasp
into the land of the brave


John Fluevog holding four of his shoe designs in his arms.


With the end of the Fox and Fluevog partnership, John Fluevog Shoes is born. Feeling the urge to go forth and spread his word, John expands his grasp into the Land of the Brave. By the late 1980s, John had started producing his landmark Angel Soles. Made from 100% natural latex harvested from the Hevea Tree, the tough, resoleable Angel Soles recite the now famous JF message engraved on the sole: Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.

An image composition of a vintage Dr. Martens buckle shoe over one of John's catalogues opened to a page spread showing three Fluevog boots and a Dr. Martens shoe with laces.

1980 - 1989

John was (possibly) the first person to sell Doc Martens in North America and he sold his styles right along next to them. Sometimes, he’d take the idea and embellish them. One of his first adaptations had leopard print and pink pony skin uppers.

John Fluevog blowing a candle on a cake onto the front of the Seattle store.


John sells his Jaguar to open his second store, this time in Seattle.

The Angel sole featuring the Fluevog logo on the heel with two angels flying towards it and one logo on the vamp with seven angels flying towards it.


The Angel Soles first appear to John in a celestial dream, or in the form of a pamphlet collected by him in a recent shoe fair in Birmingham, England.

1970s image of Fluevog shoes in the store.


Fluevog continues to expand into the United States and opens a store in Boston.

Storefront of the first Fluevog Toronto store located on Queen Street.


Fluevog Shoes opens on Toronto’s Queen Street.

Grunge, meet Fluevog
Fluevog, meet Grunge


Vintage John Fluevog Ad


From mosh pits to dance floors, 90’s Fluevogs befriended feet from every angle with an eclectic catalogue of styles. Angels became the cornerstone of the Seattle Grunge scene, inspiring a new fashion movement consisting of flannel and Angel boots by John Fluevog. Additional exposure of John’s iconic Munsters from Madonna, who wore Vogs in the film Truth or Dare, and Deee-lite’s Lady Miss Kier, sent the Fluevog brand skyrocketing to international fandom.

The 7th Heaven Derby Swirl boots featuring an image of the Fluevog angel on the heel.

1990 - 1999

Angel boots are spotted as an extension of torn jeans and flannel shirts all over the west coast.

Deee-lite’s “World Clique” album cover.


Lady Miss Kier wears a pair of Munsters on the cover of Deee-lite’s debut album, “World Clique”.

The first Fluevog New York store at the corner of Mulberry and Prince streets.


Fluevog opens in The Big Apple.

Madonna wearing the black Munster Original in suede.


Madonna rocks a pair of shocking black Munster platforms in her film, Truth or Dare.

Storefront of the newly opened Fluevog San Francisco Haight Street store.


Fluevog opens on San Francisco’s Haight Street.

Cover of a vintage Fluevog Zodiac zine-style catalogue.


John detours in his career as a shoe designer to momentarily become a well-known phone psychic. After none of his predictions come to fruition and several clients take part in erroneous investments, relationships, and interior design choices, he realizes he always has and always will be a shoe designer.

The front of the first Fluevog store in Chicago was installed in a building that previously housed a movie theater.


Fluevog opens in Chicago.

The beginning of the
new Fluemenium


Image excerpt from a vintage Fluevog catalogue. Text: Beauty it's in the heart.


Once John realized he wasn’t going to implode at midnight on January 1st, he decided that 2000 would be the beginning of a very, very good decade. He burst forth from his crawl space, re-booted his computer, and replaced his canned good collection with great new shoe innovations. John continues to make traditionally-made untraditional shoes and starts experimenting with eco-friendly, vegetable tanned leathers and water based glues wherever possible, keeping with his motto: good soles leave small prints (no matter what your shoe size).

A photo of the Fluevog Merrilee shoes over the sketches submitted by Merrilee Liddiard.


John launches Open Source Footwear to turn shoe-wearers into shoe-designers. John always knew that Fluevogers were bright, interesting people (they wear his shoes, after all), and Open Source would give them an opportunity to share their ideas with Fluevog. If John liked an idea enough, he’d turn it into real-life (3D!) shoes.

Image of a five-pointed terrazzo and brass star in the same style found on Hollywood's Walk of Fame with text “Fluevog Shoes”.


Fluevog opens in Los Angeles.

The Old Romantic Dandy Warhol boots.


John Fluevog teams up with Courtney Taylor-Taylor of The Dandy Warhols to collaborate on what he knows how to do best: knit socks. Just kidding, they create a boot. Not just any boot—a very sleek boot that excites music and fashion lovers alike (and looks pretty neat with a pair of knitted socks).

The front of the first Fluevog Montréal store on St. Denis Street.


Fluevog opens in Montreal.

The Fluevog flagship store in Gastown, Vancouver.


Fluevog opens again in Vancouver’s Gastown.

A composition of three ads submitted by creative Fluevog fans.


FluevogCreative, a platform that brings advertising back to the people, is launched.

Fluevog into the future


John Fluevog poses while holding six of his shoes against his chest.


2010 and beyond sees John Fluevog extend his reach even farther, bringing his footwear to the feet of Fluevogers who had previously only worn his shoes in their dreams. Along with new stores, John experiences recognition for a million years of shoe design with his very own exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver and is ranked one of the Most Innovative Companies in the Fashion Industry by FastCompany, thereby proving that it’s possible to simultaneously celebrate the beauty of the past with excitement for the future.

John Fluevog signature in a neon sign.


Stores open in San Francisco, Calgary, Portland, Quebec, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Toronto’s Distillery district, Denver, and Ottawa!

Fast Company magazine cover with Mark Zuckerberg, special issue 2010.


John Fluevog Shoes is ranked one of the most Innovative Companies in the Fashion Industry of 2010 by FastCompany.

The limited edition Fluevog/Nooka Timepiece watch featured a white Italian leather band with red swirl stitching.


John and Nooka team up and discover time as we know it, and create a device they christen a “watch” to keep track of it.

The Fluevog exhibition display at the Museum of Vancouver.


“Fox, Fluevog & Friends: The story behind the shoes” exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver opens.


The FlueMarket is created in direct competition to Craigslist but, for reasons still not understood by experts, ended up focusing on the selling/swapping/finding of Fluevogs.

The red VogVision sunglasses.


John and LA Eyeworks create the VogVision, a limited edition pair of sunglasses that not only looks fantastic on the face of any Fluevoger, but includes a special TSA-approved x-ray lens that allows you to see through brick walls and the Emperor’s new clothes (patent pending & mostly untrue).

A composition of three polaroid images, each showing Jack White wearing the Fluevog Idol Jack boots at different venues.


Jack White rocks The Jack boot all over the place.

Alice Cooper sits in a Fluevog store wearing the Swordfish shoes.


Alice Cooper rocks The Swordfish boot.

“Year of the Shoe Person of the Year” graphic.


John Fluevog is named Shoe Person of the Year by the Two/Ten Foundation.

The custom Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Liz double-strap mary jane and Feature Grant casual leather shoe, both in gray with red details for Air Canada Rouge.


John’s always toyed with the idea of Flying Vogs, but never succeeded in getting them off the ground (well, once, but they were never seen again). As plan B, he teams up with ever-so-fashionable, ever-so-airborne Air Canada Rouge as a much more convenient way to get his shoes in the air. Hop on a Rouge flight to experience some serious shoe eye-candy.

Shooting for the stars


The John Fluevog 45 year anniversary logo reads “45 John Fluevog© since 1970”.


John celebrates 45 years in shoe-business and rather than having a nervous breakdown, releases a Limited Edition shoe on Fluevog Day aptly named, The 45, featuring his iconic vintage Munster heel. In keeping with the celebratory nature of the year, John collaborates with local breweries at participating Fluevog stores across North America to throw a series of 45 Years of Cheers parties featuring limited edition, custom growlers and original artwork prints. All guests, drinks, and shoes were handled responsibly.

The Fluevog pop-up shop on the Facebook campus.


John pulls a fast one on Mark Zuckerberg by opening a Fluevog Pop-up Shop on the Facebook Campus in Menlo Park, California. The stunt was a moment of redemption for John, whose own social media platform, 'FootBook', never quite caught on the way he had hoped.

The Fluevog Truth Pilgrim neon sign outside of the Fluevog store on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.


John shakes things up in the City of Angels, opening a new store in LA on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, California. Later that year, he also opens a store in New Orleans’ historic French Quarter.


To spice things up during the holidays, the largest international Fluevog Gift Exchange is organized, sending kind words and knick-knacks travelling all throughout the Fluniverse.

A composition of an image of Lady Gaga wearing the Fluevog Swordfish Cubist Cupcake boots and an image of Beyoncé wearing the Fluevog Celestial Communication Seraphina boots.


Beyoncé releases her Formation video in which she wears our Seraphina boots while Lady Gaga takes a stroll out in New York in a pair of Cubist Cupcakes. We lose our collective minds.

The front of the Fluevog Victoria store in Canada.


John tries to be an overachiever, opening new stores in Montreal Vieux-Port, Edmonton, Victoria, and Dumbo Brooklyn.

A couple of Fluevogers pose for a picture at the Silver Style party in Brooklyn.


Fluevog throws its first ever Silver Style Party in Gastown in celebration of stylish, silver-haired Fluevogers everywhere. This is quickly followed by subsequent Silver Style Parties in Toronto, Brooklyn, and Victoria!

The Hopeful Vow: A Fogo Island collaboration shoe with laces in purple, orange and blue.


Inspired by the breathtaking scenery, John collaborates with Newfoundland’s Fogo Island Inn on a Limited Edition Vog. 50% of its proceeds goes to support the Shorefast Foundation.


John launches the inaugural Fluevog Artist Grant, a $10,000 fund designed to support the creative growth and development of up-and-coming talent within our community of Fluevogers.


A bunch of us have dentist appointments and get haircuts.


John gets one step closer to global domination, expanding into Europe with the opening of Fluevog Amsterdam! Fluevog Boston doubles, opening new stores at Faneuil Hall and on Newbury St.

A composition of three runway images of different models wearing the gold Munster Original.


Special Edition Original Munsters appear at New York Fashion Week, walking the runway with Opening Ceremony’s Gift of Showz presentation. American drag legend Sasha Velour later coins them “one of the best pieces of design I have ever seen”.

Model wearing the exclusive Fluevog x Comme des Garçons Swordfish boots on the runway.


Fluevog collaborates with George Cox and Comme des Garçons for a Swordfish-inspired creation that debuts at Paris Fashion Week.

Polaroid image of dozens of Fluevogers posing for a picture during Flummunity Fest 2019 in Portland.


Flummunity Fest, an annual convention that encourages Fluevogers to meet in one store city for a jam-packed weekend of fun, debuts in New Orleans. We have such an incredible time that we immediately start planning 2019’s edition in Portland, surely to be followed by many more.

Model wearing the pink Mission Monika on the runway during Anna Sui's Fall/Winter 2019 show.


John works with good friend and fashion designer Anna Sui on custom shoes for both her Fall/Winter 2019 and Spring/Summer 2020 collections. Fine-tuned versions of these shoes are later available in stores and online.

A composition of an image of the Limited Edition Mothership boot next to a conceptual drawing of the shoe.


Funk meets Fluevog as John works with George Clinton on a pair of Limited Edition Mothership boots that feature original art by the funk music legend.

A neon sign inside the Fluevog Melbourne store reads “No, you're weird!”


A store that’s always been a long time coming for John, Fluevog Melbourne opens, shaking up the entire Southern Hemisphere!

Unique 50les for unique 50uls


The cover of the book reads “Fluevog: 50 Years of Unique Soles for Unique Souls” and “John Fluevog”


John celebrates 50 years in business in — well, a lot of ways, but most excitingly by releasing his 50th Anniversary coffee table book, Fluevog: 50 Years of Unique Soles for Unique Souls.

The Fluevog x Viberg Racer boot with blue teal laces.


John collaborates with fellow family-owned west coast shoemaker Viberg on the exclusive, Limited Edition Fluevog x Viberg Racer Boot. Made proudly in Canada, the boot references John’s original vintage Racer boot design. 10% of the sales from every pair was donated to the BC Parks Foundation.

Photo of The Flights: SFO with recycled soles.


Without compromising on quality, performance, or good looks, John and the Design Team find ways to reduce our carbon footprint with 100% recycled rubber and EcoRubber (70% recycled) soles, utilizing factory waste materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

A composition of an image of Fluevog CEO Adrian Fluevog wearing the Fluevog x Anián Hat and Shirt and an image of the Official Tuesday shoe.


John joins forces with his friends at ANIÁN to release a special collection featuring a custom plaid fabric developed in collaboration between the two companies. The collection includes a classic recycled heavyweight cotton shirt and hat as well as a version of John’s Official Tuesday shoes. 10% of the sales from this collection were donated to Sea to Cedar.

The Operetta Dr. Henry mary jane heels in pink.


Amid the uncertainties of Covid-19 around the world, John designs and releases a Limited Edition shoe inspired by British Columbia’s Chief Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, announcing that 100% of the proceeds from The Dr. Henry shoe would be donated to Food Banks BC. Together, we raised over $100k for Food Banks BC!

The four special edition colours of the Fluevog Grand National shoes.


The iconic Grand National shoes and boots return as one of John’s 50th Anniversary surprises!

The red Esoteric Temptations Jan Jansen heel.


John collaborates with fellow avant-garde shoe designer Jan Jansen to create The Esoteric Temptation—a perfect amalgamation of their iconic styles and eclectic energy.

An image of a couple of models wearing the Fluevog Munster and the Noord covered in Bas Koster's hand drawn doodles.


Teewee enters the Fluniverse. John and Dutch designer Bas Kosters team up to release a new version of The Original Munsters and debut The LoPro Noord, both featuring Bas’ signature little friend.

The collection of four Fluevog x SteamLine travel cases.


John packs his bags for a collaboration with SteamLine Luggage, releasing a set of three modern, vintage-inspired signature pieces and inadvertently intensifying everyone’s itch to travel during lockdown.

A composition of a picture of Jimi Hendrix and an image of the four Fluevog x Hendrix boot styles.


The world’s first Jimi Hendrix footwear collection is created through a close partnership between John and the Hendrix family—a collaboration that pays tribute to the late music icon with an exclusive assortment of shoes and accessories inspired by his art, life, and music.

The colourful Fluevog store in Kitsilano, Vancouver.


After over 50 years of pairing Fluevogers with their solemates on Granville Street, Fluevog Granville closes its doors and moves to the heart of Kitsilano.

Rachel Burke sitting beside a pair of the Fluevog x Rachel Burke Attic Elita tall boots while wearing the Fluevog x Rachel Burke Bahiana heels with laces, proudly holding up the Fluevog x Rachel Burke Denise ankle boot.


Rachel Burke, Brisbane’s ‘Queen of Tinsel’, injects her shine and sparkle into John’s Attic shoe family for a collaboration made in glitter heaven. With three radiant shoes and an equally stunning scarf, those searching for a dose of glitz and glam need only to follow the light emanating from their collection.

Zandra Rhodes and John Fluevog talking at the Fluevog Gastown head office.


After admiring each other’s work for years, John and British fashion and textile designer Zandra Rhodes collaborate on a whimsical capsule collection featuring three exclusive Wiggle prints across five pieces, including the debut of The Munster Max. Zandra visits Vancouver for the launch of their collection and both designers hold a meet and greet with Fluevogers in Gastown.

The Fluevog special edition silk Pride Scarf.


A true collective effort. With the help of wonderfully creative Fluevogologists everywhere, the Fluevog Design Team creates a custom silk scarf showcasing the retail team’s expression of Pride. 100% of profits from the sale of the Pride Scarf was donated to The Marsha P. Johnson Institute.

The burgundy Fluevog Sole Talk Dr. Gunter heels.


John partners with Dr. Jen Gunter, Canadian-American OB/GYN, women’s health advocate, and avid Fluevoger, to release the ‘Appropriately Confident’ Sole Talk Dr. Gunter heels with 15% of sales donated to Moon Time Sisters—a volunteer-led organization providing menstrual products to remote northern Indigenous communities across Canada.

Spock character from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds™ wearing the black Manifold Starfleet boots.


Initially making their debut on screen outfitting the cast of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds™ on Paramount+, The Manifold Starfleet boots are released to the public, allowing Fluevogers to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Ruth and John Fluevog pose as models for the red and black Fluevog x Fellow Earthlings Clarity sunglasses.


John collaborates with Canadian eyewear company Fellow Earthlings to release a collection of custom sunglasses handcrafted using their in-house acetate recycling program—a partnership between two companies that celebrate uniqueness and individuality.