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First you voted, and now look what you've done! Here you will learn a little more about each of the winners, or Official FluevogCreatives.

Jessica Rae Gordon

Jessica Rae Gordon

Jessica Rae Gordon is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Toronto, Ontario. She creates playful and whimsical artwork using a combination of acrylic paint, cut paper, pencil, crayon, and ink; and incorporates reclaimed and repurposed papers into her collages whenever possible. She has done illustrations for several international magazines including Asian Time Magazine, Canadian Family Magazine and Okanagan Life, and is currently working on her first children’s book which will be published in Fall 2010.

Jessica Rae Gordon

Born in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. After graduation, she moved to Ottawa to study Television Animation at Algonquin College. After two years, she received a diploma with honors. Jessica utilized her animation skills to work on two animated television series as well as an animated commercial. Prior to enrolling in the Bachelors of Applied Arts Illustration program at Sheridan College, she lived and worked abroad in England. Jessica has since received her bachelors degree with honours from Illustration. She is currently accepting freelance projects in both illustration and design.

Jessica Rae Gordon

Canadian Family Magazine

On her first pair of Fluevogs:

I got my first pair of Fluevogs in 1999. I bought the "Wok 'n' Roll" sandals, black strapped with dark wood, for my high school graduation. My mom sewed my prom dress and the whole ensemble was a big hit! My second pair was in 2001 when I bought the "Grand National" ankle boot, which I still own to this day. My grandmother took one look at them and declared that she had owned shoes just as high when she travelled from England to Canada as a war bride in 1947. My latest pair of Fluevogs is the lovely, almond toed, "Alyssa Flat," that I bought last summer and intend to wear forever.

Jessica Rae Gordon

YMCA Calgary

On the inspiration behind her winning ad Hope Garden:

My inspiration for the illustration Hope Garden, was based on a couple of things. I wanted to emphasize the environmental consciousness of the shoe, so I thought a garden theme would be appropriate. I also enjoyed the way the girl seems reminiscent of Dorothy. Surrounded by sprouting plants, and wearing her bright ruby-red shoes, she looks as though she is clicking her heels together to make a wish.

hope garden


On creating Hope Garden:

The illustration, which took me about a week to complete, is a collage of cut paper, pencil crayon and acrylic paint. I start by cutting out the larger shapes, and then draw in patterns and details before pasting all the pieces onto the board. This enables me to move the elements around to create the most aesthetic composition for the piece.

I always like to include nature or themes from my childhood in my art. I reference Canadian birds, wild animals and indigenous flora. My illustrations are whimsical and playful with occasionally a hint of the macabre here and there.


Jessica Rae Gordon

Shawn Clarke CD artwork

On her unique and amazing style of illustration:

I'm an avid recycler and I incorporate reclaimed, repurposed and recycled papers into my collages as much as possible. I often use solid coloured papers, which allow me to draw on my own patterns or shadings. My style
mixes flat areas with dimensionally rendered elements.

Jessica Rae Gordon


On winning the FluevogCreative Hope contest:

As an illustrator who loves Fluevogs, I'm especially thrilled about winning the contest! I’m excited to have my work used to represent Fluevog, and look forward to seeing the ad printed in my favorite magazines!

Keep an eye out in Bust, Juxtapose, and Ready-Made magazines for Jessica Rae's winning design in print.


Jessica Rae Gordon

Alexis Marsh CD artwork

On what the future holds for Jessica Rae Gordon:

My clients include such magazines as TIME Asia, Canadian Family and Her Nashville. I’ve also done free-lance illustrations for charitable organizations such as Interval House Woman's Shelter and an Auto Rickshaw Rally Fund Raiser, as well as designing CD cover art and promotionals for musicians and composers.

I am currently illustrating and designing my first children's book, which will be released this Fall. In the future I look forward to continuing my dream job of being a full time illustrator and working with a wide variety of clients and projects!

URL: www.jessicaraegordon.com

URL: www.jessicaraegordon.blogspot.com


Jessica Rae Gordon
The Final results for the Hope Brief as of noon PST on June 14, 2010

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